Mid Century Style Garage Door

This Mid Century style garage was lacking functionality with its original single piece tilt-up garage doors that were hard to operate and didn't seal well around the edges. Our challenge was to design a custom garage door that offered the client ease of use while adding insulation properties that the original Cliff May Style Garage Doors did not have. The goal of this custom garage door project was to preserve as much of the original framing and architectural essence of the home while adding the convenience of a modern automatic garage door that blended well with the home's Mid Century architecture. The center post seen in this picture used to be the where the original doors would hinge from but rather than remove it we decided to keep it in place for the sake of architectural preservation; nonetheless, the garage door we custom-designed is actually one double-car garage door that closes right behind the post so it looks like there are two independent single car doors as originally designed by the architect.

As a leading garage door manufacturer we are able to pick up on the important details our clients are looking for. We strive to create the most accurate architectural garage doors that will increase your home's curb appeal and value! Dynamic Garage Door is based in Orange County, CA and we do projects all over California like this Mid Century Style garage door project in Long Beach. Let us design a fabulous garage door that will look fantastic and last a lifetime!

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Modern Style Pivot Entry Gate

Courtyard entry gates are an important architectural element of  your home. In some cases they may replace the home's entry door system so special attention attention should be dedicated in finding the right gate design for your home's authentic style.

This Mid Century Modern gate was custom designed specifically to flow with this Cliff May Rancho Estate in Long Beach, CA. The eclectic mix of modern design and classic architectural styles from the 50's make a fabulous blend that yield minimalistic, fine-lines that create a stunning curb appeal! Since there is a courtyard prior to entering this Mid Century home, the main entry focus was the design of the gate. We opted for a pivot gate mechanism for this modern style gate to strengthen the beauty of the simple design lines typical of Mid Century architectural styles. The use of composite, faux-stained wood, white laminate glass and stainless steel tubular handle was exclusively used to give the custom pivot gate a flare of modern architectural design while tying in the classical architectural elements already found throughout the home.

Creating unique, one-of-a-kind entry gates such as this custom pivot gate is our specialty; however, we can certainly replicate this gate design for you. Our in-house gate designers can also develop a unique custom gate design to coordinate with your particular home's style by borrowing some ideas from your home's existing architectural elements. Let our designers create for you while our craftsmen build high quality gates that will make your neighbors' jaws drop!

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Mid Century Modern Pivot Gate Design

The Mid Century architectural mindset of the 50's left us with an affinity for simplistic, liveable home design that is based on the concept of minimalistic living through elegantly refined lines that are much appreciated in Modern design as well. This custom-designed modern gate evokes this simplistic design concept exquisitely as you enter this Cliff May Modern Ranch style home in Long Beach, CA. When working with the client to expand on the simplicity of the home's style we created a modern designed pivot gate that remained authentic to the Mid Century era while adding a modern flare of the homeowner's personal appreciation for the original architect's minimalistic design concept. Dynamic Garage Door's in-house designers custom design world-class architectural gates that become the envy of most neighborhoods. Our craftsmen and installers are among the best in the industry and that is why our custom gates are highly desirable within the architectural savvy community.

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Mahogany Custom Made Garage Door

Perfect at any angle, this custom mahogany garage door was carefully designed and crafted in a Mediterranean style for this San Diego home. Though we used mahogany to manufacture the custom garage door there's hardly a trace of the red tonalities typically found in this type of wood. The reason behind the missing red coloration is because we bleached the wood allowing us to apply any stain color needed to match what our client was looking for. Mahogany has beautiful linear and consistent grain which makes it desirable for many of our garage door projects because of its refined finished look. The simple paneling and routered trim edges give this Mediterranean garage door an authentic appearance which dramatically enhanced the curb appeal of this San Diego home. Framing the garage door with matching jambs and stained wood casing resulted in a stunning result!

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San Diego Custom Garage Doors

Dynamic Garage Doors are highly sought after for their unique and true architectural design. This custom wood garage door was custom designed and crafted with extra attention to detail so that the implementation on the home would be a natural fit that harmonized with the existing architectural elements.

The basic garage door design consists of vertical tongue and groove planking framed with a series of stiles and rails to appear like four individual carriage door panels. For durability and strength the wood of choice was solid mahogany which naturally tends to have red tonalities that we sometimes bleach out to achieve subtle earthy colors such as seen on this custom garage door. Since the home had a Spanish Mediterranean flavor this garage door design was the perfect choice to implement and increase the home's curb appeal.

As a rule of thumb, we strive to design our garage doors on a case by case basis so that the garage door upgrade appears as a natural architectural element. Our custom designed wood doors harmonize with each home project we work on so that they don't compete against the style of the home.

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After: Custom Garage Door Makeover

San Diego, CA - The curb appeal of your home can be affected by the massive curb appeal square footage the garage door takes up. Often overseen, the garage door is a fantastic, simple and efficient way to dramatically improve the curb appeal of most homes!

This San Diego Mediterranean style home was lacking that rich architectural essence typical of the Mediterranean style homes. Upgrading the garage door to one of our custom designed architectural garage doors worked wonders for the architecture of this home. This custom garage door was crafted in solid mahogany which was bleached and stained a warm caramel brown to pull in the existing color scheme and architectural elements. Often times we will bleach the red tones out of mahogany wood to achieve a certain stain color that can be interfered with by the natural red tones typical of this wood species. The casing surrounding the new custom garage door was also redone in the same bleached mahogany we used on the wood garage door to "frame" the new door which in turn gave it a clean  finish appearance that further enhanced the home's architectural beauty.

This custom Mediterranean style garage door gave back this home its unique style and architectural identity. We crafted the overhead door specifically to the proportions that would harmonize with the home instead of competing. The stain selection was done through trial samples from which the client chose prior to the garage door installation. At Dynamic Garage Door we dot our i's and cross our t's to achieve world-class results that are highly desirable when investing in upgrading old, dull and unsightly garage doors that hinder property value and aesthetic character of homes throughout America!

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Before: A Lifeless Garage Door Problem

Before, this Mediterranean San Diego home looked tired and lifeless. The old garage door was not giving it justice in spite of the fact that it accounted for a great percentage of the home's curb appeal. Often times, the garage door is missed as an opportunity to enhance a home's curb appeal that can have a great impact on a home's appearance. Replacing the garage door has many benefits including but not limited to increasing the value of the home, improved insulation properties and longevity that a conventional, tin-can roll-up garage door will not. Considering the improvements a custom designed garage door can offer, the cost is ultimately a bargain well-worth investing in.

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Mid Century Sloping Garage Door Design

You've been told it can't be done...we beg to differ! A sloping garage floor does not present an obstacle for our full custom garage door designers. Our specialty is true and authentic custom garage door design and manufacturing. Take a look at the drastic slope on this garage door opening, it seems impossible to get a working garage door but it wasn't a challenge for our designers and installation technicians. Additionally the garage door was designed in a minimalistic Mid Century style to accentuate the home's Mid Century Modern architecture. The refined horizontal slats and ipe wood stain made this custom garage door a true success from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

Homeowners in San Francisco and Los Angeles are enjoying their garages once again with custom-crafted Dynamic Garage Doors specifically made for their sloping home grounds. Call Dynamic Garage Door for prices on our custom garage doors today!

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Asymmetrical Garage Door for a Carport

Not all garage doors are created equal. Dynamic Garage Doors are custom designed for each individual project. Our full custom design and manufacturing abilities allow us to create unique custom garage doors that naturally blend into each home's authentic architectural style.

This Mid Century style carport was converted into a fully functional garage but presented a problem when it came time to retrofit it with a custom wood garage door. Since the ground was pitched at a sloping angle it required the need of a custom designed asymmetrical garage door that would compensate for the huge gap at the bottom of the garage door opening. Taking careful measurements was of essence to handcraft a garage door that would fit perfectly into the awkwardly shaped garage opening. Once everything was calculated to perfection our designers came up with a minimalistic Mid Century style garage door design that would complement the home's architectural elements. The answer was a fine-lined garage door design with horizontal tongue and groove slats in solid mahogany that were carefully stained to simulate and match the home's existing ipe wood accents. We opted for ipe-stained mahogany in lieu of real ipe to save the client on the custom garage door cost while still delivering a garage door that will last a lifetime and look like a naturally blended architectural element of the home.

Enclosing the carport and adding a Dynamic Garage Door re-purposed and graduated a simple carport to a fully functional garage with a working automatic garage door. Investing in a custom garage door for this sloping carport will prove to return the investment at time of resale. Not to mention, of course, the curb appeal enhancement it gave the home.

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An Uneven Carport to Garage Conversion

Converting a carport into a real garage can be architecturally challenging and even more so when the ground is uneven. Retrofitting a sloped ground garage opening with a functional and aesthetically pleasing garage door can be daunting and for a lot of semi-custom garage door companies--impossible! At Dynamic Garage Door we thrive on the impossible and we simply don't put any stops to real custom garage door projects.

This carport-turned-garage project came to a halt when it became evident the garage door opening would not be a straight rectangular open. The final garage door opening was asymmetrical, uneven, lopsided and there was, simply put, no reasonable solution. Luckily the owner called us for our experienced opinion and so we put our heads together in the design department to custom craft an uneven garage door that would fit and function within the given parameters. Furthermore, we took on the home's minimalistic architectural style and designed a suitable Mid Century Modern style garage door that complemented the home's essence entirely. Crafted out of solid mahogany horizontal tongue and groove planking with v-grooves it was tastefully stained by our finishers in an ipe stain that matched other areas of the home. Building the bottom section with a lopsided or asymmetrical shape ensured a full seal at the bottom of the door when fully closed.

We welcome your unique and true custom garage door projects. Whether you're converting a carport to a real garage or turning a garage into additional liveable space; Dynamic Garage Door has a custom garage door solution for you! Our custom garage doors will not only add beauty and functionality to your home but will increase resale property value in the short and long run!

San Francisco and Los Angeles homeowners who have a sloped driveway/garage floor and need a solution to replacing or upgrading their uneven shaped garage doors. Give us a call for prices on our custom garage door projects today!

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