Remote Controlled Driveway Gates

Orange County, CA - Remote controlled driveway gates with the proper architectural design not only add security to your property but curb appeal and value to your residence. Dynamic Garage Door designs and manufactures custom automatic driveway gates for luxury real estate properties from San Diego, CA to San Francisco, CA, we also ship internationally!

This Newport Beach property near Fashion Island was beautifully equipped with custom designed garage doors and modern entry gate by Dynamic Garage Door. The exquisitely done modern driveway gate was done in a swift and minimalistic modern design to complement the architectural style of the home. The modern gate design features a steel frame construction with white laminate glass inserts that add privacy, safety and security from the exterior. Dynamic Garage Door gate designers worked closely with the client to achieve a mesmerizing design that would blend in with the home's style while offering ease of access to the resident owners and block off unwanted traffic or solicitors. 

Located so close to the Fashion Island shopping mall of Newport Beach the home was exposed to random mall visitors but not after these Dynamic Driveway Gates were installed. The homeowner today enjoys privacy, safety and architectural beauty with these one-of-a-kind modern entry driveway gates!

Driveway Gate Design Center: (855) 343-3667

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Modern Style Electric Driveway Gates

Orange County, CA - Custom driveway gates can be conveniently equipped with electric motors to automate the ease of use as you drive in and away from your property. Dynamic Garage Door custom designs architectural driveway gates which we pair with automatic electric motors as a package. We take into consideration the intended flow of traffic and desired functionality of the driveway gate project at hand.

This modern style driveway gate was motorized using Liftmaster swing-gate electric motors that coordinate with the home's automation intercom system. Accessing the property is breeze as you drive up and press a button for the glass and metal gates to open swiftly in front of you. The driveway gate is not only beautiful to admire but also to operate!

You'll always be able to identify a Dynamic Driveway Gate project because we pay close attention to the details and make sure each gate is architecturally correct for the home and operates with ease. Our modern gates are each custom designed for the home's style and client's personal taste and intended use.

Let us take care of your driveway gate needs by calling our driveway gate design center at (855) 343-3667

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Luxury Full-View Glass Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - The look and feel full-view glass garage doors achieve is quite eclectic. We have used aluminum framed glass garage doors for project architectural styles ranging from Old World Spanish to Modern like this custom door project we completed in Newport Beach, CA. The beauty of glass garage doors is that the classic style is timeless and although frequently used, when used correctly, can achieve a fantastic curb appeal upgrade.

Since we were pairing this project as a multiple stage project which included modern driveway gates we opted for full-view glass doors to match the white laminate glass panes used on the driveway gate and anodized aluminum frame to complement the driveway gate's silver finished steel frame. The minimalist linear design of the garage doors complements the driveway gate and other architectural elements found throughout the property.

Dynamic Garage Door specializes in matching multiple door projects to complement each other and the architectural essence of the home in questions. Our seasoned in-house door designers are experts in architectural door design that make each of our garage door projects a success.

Consult with our door designers today: (855) 343-3667

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Modern Metal & Glass Driveway Gates

Orange County, CA - Modern driveway gates should be fine-lined, light and ingeniously designed with a minimalist state of mind. Simple, clean design is exquisitely highlighted in every one of our custom modern driveway gate projects. Though the gates seem easy and flawlessly beautiful, there is a lot of planning and design thought that goes into each automatic driveway project we work on.

This custom architectural driveway gate located in Newport Beach, CA near the Fashion Island shopping mall was achieved through extensive collaboration between our in-house door designers, the client and our manufacturing team. Together we achieved a beautifully simple modern designed gate that stimulates the savvy designer's senses and speaks nothing but luxurious architectural correctness. The modern gate design features an all steel, silver-finished frame with white laminate glass panes. Mixing the glass and metal not only make the driveway gate safely secure but also very modern and fitting for the modern home's style. Paired with electric motors, this modern gate is easily operated by pressing a button or calling in through the intercom system that works flawlessly with the gate's automatic motors.

Dynamic Garage Doors are absolutely exquisite, functional and high quality. Call our in-house design team for a project cost inquiry or a design consultation: (855) 343-3667

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Custom Motorized Driveway Gates

Orange County, CA - Motorized driveway gates make operating your driveway entry gate a breeze! This custom-made driveway gate was ingeniously equipped with Liftmaster swing-arm electric motors that keep the gate securely closed and easily operable with the push of a button. The small footprint gate motors are hardly an eyesore and operate silently. 

When we design a driveway gate for a client we make sure that the automation components won't be unsightly and will work effortlessly from a user's standpoint. This modern glass and steel gate was beautifully finished in a modern design with a silver colored steel frame and white laminate glass panes. The automatic gate motors open both gate leaves swiftly without a sound!

Let us design state-of-the-art automatic driveway gates that will not only keep  your property safe but add curb appeal and architectural character to your home. Our in-house driveway gate designers are among the best and virtually unrivaled in California. Call today for a comprehensive cost and design consultation: (855) 343-DOOR

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Handmade Reclaimed Wood Garage Door

Los Angeles, CA - This custom wood garage door was handsomely crafted in reclaimed barn wood that was salvaged from a centuries old barn. Each plank that went on the rustic garage door was hand selected to have that rich silvery look required for this custom European home project with a few boards featuring some brown streaks for an authentic aged look. The beautiful beam above the barnwood garage door opening is an actual reclaimed solid piece of lumber and not just a veneer! The three section garage door rolls up in section to the overhead so as much as it is rustic and Old World looking is it easily operated with a modern electric motor. The simple barn-like design of the garage door ties in well with home's rustic European architectural style. 

Our custom reclaimed wood garage doors may look authentically antique but are conveniently operated at the push of a button. We hand pick the salvaged lumber we use to ensure proper coloration, structure and durability. As a precaution we treat all of our reclaimed wood garage doors with anti mildew and critter solvents that protect and preserve the salvaged wood without compromising the look or coloration of the wood. This means you don't have to worry about termite infestations that we've sen on projects done by others where reclaimed wood was introduced without being treated and caused big termite problems! Old doesn't mean inefficient, our custom reclaimed wood garage doors are fully insulated so you do get the insulation value required in most modern day construction projects.

Get a Dynamic Reclaimed Wood Garage Door today, we can design, craft and install it in California or ship it internationally to your location. Place your order at: (855) 343-3667

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Genuine Architectural European Gate

Los Angeles, CA - The passage way custom iron gate featured here is an actual salvaged European architectural iron gate completely handcrafted and reconfigured to fit its new home. When looking closely at the details of the gate you would notice that the decorative iron pieces are put together with wire ties as in the time it was built welding was not available. When our in-house blacksmiths received the gate for modifications they were immediately impressed with the uniqueness of the piece and its authenticity. Since the client found the piece without posts, working hinges or latches, our team immediately got to work designing and crafting the missing elements that made the installation of the gate seamless. Walking into the passage you would think the gate had been there for centuries!

At Dynamic Garage Door we get excited with each of our client's projects, we thrive on a challenge and make dreams become a reality when it comes to specialty door projects. Contact our design center today with your project inquiries and pricing: (855) 343-3667 

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Blue Architectural European Shutters

Long Beach, CA - Exterior window shutters are a key architectural element that can enhance, accentuate or define the style of a home. Using the correct proportions, colors and decorative hardware will ensure the proper aesthetic outcome.

For this rustic European style home in Long Beach we created outstandingly beautiful shutters that convey a charming historical appeal. Each decorative shutter was meticulously handcrafted and wire-brushed to bring out that rustic grain texture of the cedar wood. The realistic decorative shutter hardware was handmade by our in-house blacksmiths while, both, the shutters and hardware were beautifully finished in a rich blue color that adds a fabulous contrast to the home's earthy plastered walls and authentic European stone walls. Our custom shutters, as you can see, are the perfect contrasting complement that bring life to the home's curb appeal. The beauty of our custom-made shutters and hardware is the aging process they'll go through. Over the years, decades the elements will bring out natural surface rust on some of the hardware and the touch of nature will give the shutters a washed appearance that will further enhance that Old World authenticity. These natural results are not a flaw or problem but rather marks of beauty that add that spectacular patina we often see and admire in real European historical countryside homes.

There are many reasons why Dynamic Garage Door shutters are highly acclaimed for luxury home remodels and new construction, perhaps too many to list but take a look at our shutter galleries and other projects so you can see the difference we offer as the leaders in the custom door industry.

Call our Custom Window Shutter Design Center at (855) 343-3667 for pricing and or design project consultations.

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European Designer Shutter Hardware

Los Angeles, CA - Part of a custom shutter's charm comes from the decorative iron hardware selected. This blue European style shutter design was handsomely accentuated with decorative iron hinge straps and shutter dogs. These elements are handcrafted with the highest craftsmanship standards possible to capture that authentic Old World look. 

As one of the nation's leading custom wood and gate garage door company we've actually achieved renowned door projects that also include decorative exterior shutters. We apply the same architectural understanding of Old World European architecture and craftsmanship style.

These gorgeous blue shutters were exquisitely finished in a deep blue color that was soaked up by the hand wire-brushed cedar grain further accentuating the rustic, aged look of the wooden shutters. Adding decorative iron straps that were hand-forged much in the same way it has been done in Europe for centuries added that realistic appearance that make our custom shutters so beautiful and highly desirable for custom home renovations and new constructions. This country European style home in the Los Angeles region called out for highly detailed architectural elements and so we were commissioned, in addition to the garage doors and garden gates, to custom design and manufacture complementing architectural shutters that would add richness and authentic European design to the home's finishing touches.

Let our in-house designers celebrate your personal taste for authentic architectural design and discerning understanding of quality create the most amazing window shutters you have ever seen!

Shutter Design Center: (855) 343-3667

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Reclaimed Wood Garden Passage Gates

Los Angeles, CA - Garden and passage gates can add a lot of charm and beauty to your landscaping. They can also serve as architectural elements that add style to your home. This reclaimed barn wood gate was exquisitely handmade in a rustic European style beautifully accentuated with decorative iron strap hinges and custom ring pull. Specially designed iron hardware was crafted for this gate based on an authentic salvaged European gate installed at the same house. The reclaimed lumber has beautiful grain variations and tones that were achieved from years of exposure to the elements. As this custom gate continues to age over the decades the reclaimed wood will continue to change with nature's touch and improve in appearance. The decorative iron hardware will develop a beautiful surface rust layer which will add character and play off well with the gate's antique appearance. 

Let our Custom Door Designers create a gate design that will complement your home's character and give you the satisfaction of a gate well-built.

Door Design Center:  (855) 343-3667

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