Pergola Idea Over Our Carriage Doors

Custom architectural carriage doors are a fabulous way to add function and beauty to the curb appeal of any garage. This double car detached garage was not being used to its full potential, the old one-piece, tilt-up door was too heavy and dangerous to operate so the garage became an abandoned part of the house for many years. Suddenly, with the potential of adding real carriage doors to replace the old, non-functional garage door the homeowner saw the opportunity to reinvent the garage and turn it into a home office. The garage opening was divided into two separate sets of out-swing carriage doors that makes them easy to operate manually. The large window panes with separating mullions bring in natural light into the garage which makes it a pleasant environment to work in.

We crafted the carriage doors in solid mahogany wood stained to match the existing wooden pergola over the garage door opening. Real functional carriage door hardware was used including the hand-forged pull handles and deadbolt locks that secure the garage safely. Inside the carriage doors have individual cane bolts. There is also full perimeter weather seal so that the carriage doors function as true front entry door systems. While the double car opening was split into to separate openings each side still accommodates a full sized vehicle in case the garage is ever used for parking cars inside again.

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Carriage Doors With Awning Windows

Living in highly urbanized areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco has pushed residents to get creative and maximize every square foot of liveable space available. Many homeowners have discovered that they have a rather large liveable area within their very own garages that can be converted to functional, liveable spaces without major remodeling or construction. However; the challenge in converting garages into additional square footage to flow with the home's interior design is the unsightly garage door track and hardware that hangs from the ceiling. The entire garage can be finished with drywall, molding and flooring but all could be done in vain when facing this challenge. The simple solution to this is to replace the garage door with traditional real carriage doors that swing out. When installed, as seen in this picture of a project we did in LA, they look great from the curb because they actually add to the home's architectural essence and they are functional to operate by hand or automatically with an activating device. Real carriage doors look fantastic from inside because they are built and installed much like a front door complete with casing and design finishing on both sides! If the garage ever needs to be used as a garage again the carriage doors can be swung open fully and vehicles can still park inside without a problem. This means that when and if the home is ever put on the market it can be featured as having a garage or additional liveable square footage! The buyer market expands by presenting the garage as a multipurpose room!

Call Dynamic Garage Door today and get carriage door ideas for your home as well as pricing. Learn why adding functional awning windows to your carriage doors can save you money in air conditioning costs plus the added design value they project when cranked open!

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Carriage Door With Functional Windows

Not all carriage doors are created equal...Dynamic Garage Door custom designs and crafts real carriage doors that are one-of-a-kind creations specifically tailored to each home's architectural style and individual homeowner's practical needs. Here we feature a double-leaf outswing carriage garage door with stunning awning windows that look fantastic when cranked open as seen in this picture. Inside, the garage has been converted to a children's playroom completely finished so that it flows with the rest of the home's interior design. The only thing hindering the conversion was the previous rollup garage door which required track mounted inside the garage with all the nuances and parts required for conventional overhead door. Eliminating all this hardware was successfully done by replacing the garage door with an authentically designed carriage door by Dynamic Garage Door. The carriage door was designed in a traditional shaker or craftsman style to accentuate the home's traditional architectural style. The awning windows only added character and look phenomenal even when they're open! Besides adding curb appeal, the awning windows on the carriage doors allow fresh air ventilation to reach inside the playroom while the children play comfortably and safely inside the newly converted garage. Let Dynamic Garage Door design a real carriage garage door that will give you the best of both worlds, comfort and aesthetics!

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Real Out Swing Carriage Garage Doors

Swing out carriage doors for garage door conversions are the perfect way to add curb appeal and functionality to any home. These custom crafted carriage doors replaced an existing roll-up garage door that wasn't working well with the newly converted garage. The overhead track, torsion spring arrangement on the wall and back side of the garage door were just clashing with the finished interior. Replacing the existing overhead garage door with real carriage doors eliminated the unsightly hardware inside the garage while adding architectural style to the exterior of the home as well as the interior of the newly converted garage. The carriage doors feature a traditional craftsman style design with functional awning style windows that crank open for ventilation and also have a flare of modern sophistication!

Our custom carriage doors are specifically designed for each home project style and individual homeowner's practical needs. We can craft our real carriage doors in composite materials that are easy on the environment or out of real solid wood to be stained, faux-stained, or painted a solid color of your choice. Contact our design center today for a comprehensive project cost analysis on replacing your overhead garage door with a one-of-a-kind carriage garage door system.

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Los Angeles Real Carriage Garage Doors

Out-swing real carriage garage doors are popular in garage conversions throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California region. Carriage doors offer convenience functionality and architectural beauty.

This custom-made carriage door features fully functional awning windows that crank open individually. The glass in the windows is partitioned with true dividing mullions as you would expect from the traditional craftsman standards. The design details are authentic to historical standards and that is why Dynamic Carriage Doors are authentically distinct to other options available in the market.

These carriage doors are easily operated by hand for quick, convenient access to the newly converted playroom garage. The shaker style design blends in well with the home's traditional architectural style and the white colored paint blends in well with the existing architectural elements of the house.

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Inside View of a Carriage Garage Door

When you look at the details of Dynamic Garage Door's custom crafted carriage doors the difference is absolutely found in the details. Our real carriage doors are made in the same detailed standards as those built in yesteryear with the finest craftsmanship imaginable. The back of our carriage doors are as ornate as the fronts following the same architectural design as the front. This is particularly important in garage conversions where the garage is used as additional, liveable square footage. Our carriage doors blend in well with the interior design aspect of any garage conversion because they are built much like a front door giving the entry way character, beauty and functionality. View the difference our real carriage garage doors offer and learn why our carriage doors are made to last a lifetime offering you immediate functional value and future property resale value because our carriage doors not only offer usability but add architectural essence to the curb appeal of any home!

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Quality Door Craftsmanship Inside & Out

Dynamic Garage Doors are built with the highest standards of quality in mind. These craftsman style garage doors are well-crafted inside and out including our six side finishing which means they are finished on every side. 

Notice the mullions that true-divide each glass pane on the window panels. Each piece of glass is independently cut to size much like in traditional Craftsman standards. These details are often overseen but are some of the most highly appreciated features of a true craftsman's detailed work. Dynamic Garage Doors are simply high quality all the way around and any way you look at them. The seemingly unimportant details are the most important to us and our discerning clients.

Consult with our in-house designers and learn more about the details that distinguish our custom made garage doors.

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Solid Wood Carriage Style Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - These unique Craftsman style garage doors were handmade in solid mahogany with false arches that resonate the existing architectural arches seen throughout the front elevation of the house. The glass pane configuration includes a uniquely centered diamond design while each glass piece is cut to precision and divided with real dividing mullions as you would expect from the traditional craftsmanship. The honey stain used to finish the doors gave this home an inviting feel that soften the harshness of the brick and mortar. Replacing the old steel garage doors with custom made wood garage doors made a huge impact to the curb appeal of the home. The garage doors added character, beauty and value to the home simply by adding architectural garage doors designed and crafted by Dynamic Garage Door of Orange County, CA.

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Craftsman Garage Door Window Design

Craftsman style garage door windows can be crafted in numerous unique arrangements such as these uniquely arranged glass panels with a center diamond glass pane. Our in-house designers created this traditional craftsman garage door window design with a flare of the Arts & Crafts architectural movement by adding a beautifully centered diamond glass feature. The surrounding glass panes were done in a designer glue chip glass to add contrast, interest and accentuate the diamond feature in the middle of the window cluster. Dynamic Garage Doors handcrafted these glass panes much in the same way they have been done for over a century. Each piece of glass is independently fitted with true dividing mullions so that the high standards of quality from yesteryear are passed on to future generations through each custom garage door we manufacture.

Selecting garage door window designs on our custom garage doors is never limited and our designers make sure that each one of our clients get what they have envisioned. Because we are a true full-custom garage door design and manufacturing company you can rest assured that selecting window design options will be a breeze as well as an authentically unique feature of your new custom wood garage doors!

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Custom Craftsman Style Garage Doors

Laguna Niguel, CA - Craftsman architecture is highly acclaimed for its clean lines and timeless beauty. These custom carriage garage doors were designed in a traditional craftsman style with a unique top glass panel design. The glass panel features true-divided mullions that separate each piece of designer glass separately; in other words, the garage door window design is not a grill but an authentically crafted glass pane cluster as in traditional craftsman architecture. For this garage door project we used solid mahogany stained in a light caramel color that bring out the beauty of the wood's grain structure. The arched windows at the top of the garage door resonate the home's existing architectural arched elements while the diamond glass design in the middle of the garage door windows make these craftsman garage doors unique and a focal interest on the curb appeal of this Orange County home. Let our in-house designers come up with a unique garage door design for your home and our highly skilled craftsmen manufacture a world-class garage door that will increase your home's curb appeal and add value to your property for generations to come!

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