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After: Custom Garage Door Makeover

Custom Made Mediterranean Style Wood Garage Door in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA - The curb appeal of your home can be affected by the massive curb appeal square footage the garage door takes up. Often overseen, the garage door is a fantastic, simple and efficient way to dramatically improve the curb appeal of most homes!

This San Diego Mediterranean style home was lacking that rich architectural essence typical of the Mediterranean style homes. Upgrading the garage door to one of our custom designed architectural garage doors worked wonders for the architecture of this home. This custom garage door was crafted in solid mahogany which was bleached and stained a warm caramel brown to pull in the existing color scheme and architectural elements. Often times we will bleach the red tones out of mahogany wood to achieve a certain stain color that can be interfered with by the natural red tones typical of this wood species. The casing surrounding the new custom garage door was also redone in the same bleached mahogany we used on the wood garage door to "frame" the new door which in turn gave it a clean  finish appearance that further enhanced the home's architectural beauty.

This custom Mediterranean style garage door gave back this home its unique style and architectural identity. We crafted the overhead door specifically to the proportions that would harmonize with the home instead of competing. The stain selection was done through trial samples from which the client chose prior to the garage door installation. At Dynamic Garage Door we dot our i's and cross our t's to achieve world-class results that are highly desirable when investing in upgrading old, dull and unsightly garage doors that hinder property value and aesthetic character of homes throughout America!