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Modern Style Pivot Entry Gate

Mid Century Modern Garage Door & Pivot Gate Project in Long Beach CA

Courtyard entry gates are an important architectural element of  your home. In some cases they may replace the home's entry door system so special attention attention should be dedicated in finding the right gate design for your home's authentic style.

This Mid Century Modern gate was custom designed specifically to flow with this Cliff May Rancho Estate in Long Beach, CA. The eclectic mix of modern design and classic architectural styles from the 50's make a fabulous blend that yield minimalistic, fine-lines that create a stunning curb appeal! Since there is a courtyard prior to entering this Mid Century home, the main entry focus was the design of the gate. We opted for a pivot gate mechanism for this modern style gate to strengthen the beauty of the simple design lines typical of Mid Century architectural styles. The use of composite, faux-stained wood, white laminate glass and stainless steel tubular handle was exclusively used to give the custom pivot gate a flare of modern architectural design while tying in the classical architectural elements already found throughout the home.

Creating unique, one-of-a-kind entry gates such as this custom pivot gate is our specialty; however, we can certainly replicate this gate design for you. Our in-house gate designers can also develop a unique custom gate design to coordinate with your particular home's style by borrowing some ideas from your home's existing architectural elements. Let our designers create for you while our craftsmen build high quality gates that will make your neighbors' jaws drop!