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Mid Century Style Garage Door

Mid Century Modern Garage Door & Pivot Gate Project in Long Beach CA

This Mid Century style garage was lacking functionality with its original single piece tilt-up garage doors that were hard to operate and didn't seal well around the edges. Our challenge was to design a custom garage door that offered the client ease of use while adding insulation properties that the original Cliff May Style Garage Doors did not have. The goal of this custom garage door project was to preserve as much of the original framing and architectural essence of the home while adding the convenience of a modern automatic garage door that blended well with the home's Mid Century architecture. The center post seen in this picture used to be the where the original doors would hinge from but rather than remove it we decided to keep it in place for the sake of architectural preservation; nonetheless, the garage door we custom-designed is actually one double-car garage door that closes right behind the post so it looks like there are two independent single car doors as originally designed by the architect.

As a leading garage door manufacturer we are able to pick up on the important details our clients are looking for. We strive to create the most accurate architectural garage doors that will increase your home's curb appeal and value! Dynamic Garage Door is based in Orange County, CA and we do projects all over California like this Mid Century Style garage door project in Long Beach. Let us design a fabulous garage door that will look fantastic and last a lifetime!