Inside Our Custom Wood Garage Doors

Dynamic Garage Doors are quality inside and out. This is one of our custom wood garage door installations in Laguna Niguel, CA. Every angle of our custom garage doors is completely finished, stained and detailed to achieve a luxurious and high-quality result that will last a lifetime and give our clients ownership pride as well as enjoyment every time they drive into their homes through a real Dynamic Garage Door. Notice the authentic window mullions that divide each piece of glass independently instead of using a cheap grill on top of a single piece of glass.

Our custom garage doors are an investment for life and that is why we take great pride in perfecting our manufacturing and installation techniques so that we not only give you the look of high-end garage doors but actually deliver high-quality garage doors that will  last a lifetime. We make sure that all the materials that go into building our custom garage doors are of prime choice. No one else takes pride and ownership of the final result and lifetime satisfaction of our custom designed garage doors like we do and that is why affluent homeowners, custom home builders and discerning designers always select Dynamic Garage Doors for their home renovations or custom home construction projects.

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Custom Manufactured Garage Doors

Los Angeles, CA - As the premier custom garage door design and manufacturing company in the United States, we achieved unrivaled designs and manufacturing techniques that are highly desirable in the high-end custom home building market. We take absolute pride and joy in creating one-of-a-kind garage door designs that are timeless and we build them to last for generations to come.

These custom carriage garage doors were handsomely designed in a traditional Craftsman style that evoke tradition, beauty and quality. The overlay solid wood materials are handpicked for grain perfection and structural durability. Our craftsmen manufacture each one of our garage doors by hand making sure at each and every step of the manufacturing process to achieve the utmost highest quality and architectural perfection. There is no other manufacturer in the market who offers the level of customization, skilled craftsmanship and world-class design that we do and that is why our custom garage door projects are absolutely stunning and different than the rest.

These three single car garage doors feature beautiful arched window cluster on the top panel with designer glass variations of glue chip for the perimeter window panes and clear glass for the diamond centerpiece. Combined with our luxurious finishing techniques, these craftsman style garage doors are the envy of the neighborhood. Our custom craftsman garage doors added curb appeal to this Laguna Niguel home while returning the investment on the resale value of the property.

Dynamic Custom Garage Doors are more than just garage doors, they are an architectural investment that improve home value and offer a lifetime of enjoyment and durability. Let one of our designers create a jaw-dropping architectural garage door design that will have the neighbors talking for a long time!

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Custom Garage Door Diamond Windows

Orange County, CA - Carriage style garage doors are renowned for their timeless architectural design that has surpassed the test of time. These three custom wood garage doors feature a unique window design which consists of traditional carriage door windows with an integrated diamond center piece. To accentuate the diamond glass pane in the middle we used clear glass while the surrounding glass panes were done in glue chip glass. The contrast between the different designer glass options was borrowed from the existing front door.

Crafted in solid Mahogany wood, these custom-made carriage doors were a perfect curb appeal upgrade on this traditional style home. The fine craftsman lines and traditional craftsmanship genuinely harmonize with the the home's existing architectural elements.

For prices on our custom designed and handcrafted wood garage doors please contact our design center. Our in-house designers are well-rounded in the creation of world-class garage door designs!

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High Quality Mahogany Garage Doors

Real quality Mahogany garage doors are hard to find. Many semi-custom garage door manufacturers build so-called mahogany garage doors out of veneered pieces of board that have merely a sliced of mahogany wood on the surface.

Our custom mahogany garage doors such as these craftsman style carriage doors are made out of solid garage door overlays that will last a lifetime. We strive to preserve the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that have been carried through generations of skilled woodworkers. Each custom garage door built in our facility is crafted by hand using only the highest grade of lumber available in the market. The results of combining true craftsmanship and authentic solid wooden materials is evident in each of our custom garage door projects. Take a look at these solid Mahogany garage doors with their gorgeous arched windows and diamond center piece. The glass separations are real and when you look at the door from inside the garage you'll see the mullions that separate each piece of glass.

We pair our custom, handmade garage doors with the latest in automation from activating device manufacturers such as Liftmaster and Marantec so that every one of our garage doors stays true to their old world identity while offering the convenience of the modern world's automation systems. Our in-house designers can help you create a one-of-a-kind garage door design that will fit your home beautifully while improving the resale value and offering you generations of durability and architectural beauty!

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Neoclassic Style Garage Door Design

This custom architectural garage door design is the perfect complement for this Neoclassic style California Coastal Home located in Newport Beach, CA. The garage door features architectural elements that are typical of neoclassical design. Beautiful raised panels adorn the bottom section of the door while the top two-thirds is composed of handcrafted louvers that simulate a shutter design while each panel section is embellished with gorgeous molding throughout the perimeter. These woodcraft details add depth, beauty and elegance that are typical features of neoclassical design.

The garage door was handcrafted in environmentally sustainable composite wood materials that will not crack, split or bow over the years. This will be a custom garage door design that will be enjoyed for generations to come!

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Newport Beach Shutter Garage Door

This custom designed louvered style garage door was uniquely designed for this neoclassic Newport Beach, CA. Every single detail was taken into account when designing and crafting this custom garage door. Borrowing the various architectural elements used on the rest of the home we were able to produce a one-of-a-kind truly authentic custom garage door design.

Since the garage door opening was exquisitely cased in with decorative molding to match the rest of the home's woodwork, the garage door had to showcase some of these existing elements as well. There is perimeter decorative molding throughout the garage door's design but want makes this garage door strikingly attractive is the real louvers that mimic a Tommy Bahamas' shutter style giving this garage door its coastal architectural styling. Using the raised panels at the bottom of the door gave it a beautiful flow with most of the aesthetic weight focused towards the bottom while the larger louvered portion of the door balances the ornate beauty of this architectural garage door.

To avoid cracking, splitting and bowing of the garage door in the future since the home is located right up against the bay, we handmade the door in eco-friendly composite wood materials that are resilient to the moisture and salinity in the air. This garage door, with proper maintenance, will last more than a lifetime! Let Dynamic Garage Door custom design a garage door specifically designed for your home!

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Coastal Custom Garage Door Design

The California coast has a variety of architectural home styles each with its own unique design flare. This coastal custom-built home required a dazzling garage door design that would blend in with its neoclassic style typically found throughout the mansions of Beverly Hills, CA. The custom garage door design features bottom raised panels with decorative molding surrounding the perimeter of the louvers and panels alike. Decorative details such as these are found throughout the home and so the garage door had to encompass some of these architectural elements as well. Though the garage door has an air of sophistication, the louvered top portion gives a flare of coastal architectural living. Handcrafted in composite wood materials will ensure this custom garage door lasts a lifetime as it will not bow, crack or split like real wood tends to do when exposed to the elements particularly in this case since the home is nestled right on the water in Newport Beach, CA's back bay region.

Get a price on this custom made coastal custom garage door design or any of our world-class architectural garage door designs by consulting with on e of our in-house designers today!

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French Style Designer's Side Entry Door

San Diego County, CA - The bright blue side entry door and shutters were exquisitely designed in an authentic French flavored style using detailed craftsmanship and finished in a gorgeously vibrant blue.  The side entry door has a gorgeous diamond designed at the bottom while the bead board tongue and groove center piece is beautifully balanced with the specialty designer glass window with its hand-forged iron scroll insert. Exquisite details such as the door's authentic European hardware and iron scroll detailing is rich in French style architectural heritage.

Dynamic Garage Door custom designs combined door projects that complement each other but  are not continuously monotonous. We incorporate design elements from one door to the next giving each custom door set an authentic European feel that enriches each home's unique architectural style and beauty. Take a look at the entire project for this San Diego home, we custom designed, crafted and installed the garage doors, side entry doors and decorative window shutters.

Call our Door Design Center for pricing and or design consultations: (855) 343-3667

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French Provincial Garage Door Design

Here's a vivid French Provincial garage door design complete with gorgeous architectural dummy hardware and hand-forged iron scroll appliqué. Crafted in high quality clear cedar wood the custom garage door features subtle French architectural design elements that make it an authentic French Provincial garage door!  The bottom panel consists of a beautiful beveled diamond design in lieu of raised panels and this was purposely done because of the exposure to the elements in the home's position. Raised panels could have easily cracked or split prematurely but preserving the beautiful French design of this door was fabulously done by our designers and skilled carpenters. The garage door was finished in a rich stain with red tonalities that make it pop and contrast well with the other colors on the exterior of the home including the bright blue shutters and matching side entry door we created for this home. The decorative garage door hardware was powder coated in a speckled lighter tone of bronze to add interest, contrast and essence to this French Provincial Garage Door.

Work with our in-house designers today to improve the curb appeal of your home and increase your positive energy every time you come home!

Design Consultation Center: (855) 343-3667

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French Style Garage Door Hardware

Most of our European style garage doors are exquisitely embellished with authentic handcrafted dummy hardware to enhance a certain  appearance. For instance, these massive iron-forged pulls with fleur de lis finials are ingeniously placed between two large simulated door leaves to appear as though you can pull the two carriage doors open in a swinging motion. It is surprising to see most of our garage doors roll up instead of swing out like carriage doors. Often time the trick is the dummy hardware we strategically place on the surface of our wooden garage doors for further accentuate this look.

These French Provincial door pulls in speckled bronze are gorgeously finished with fleur de lis finials, a typical French symbol. The large size of these dummy iron pulls make them rich to the touch and aesthetic apearance. Their large size make them proportionally correct for a double-car size garage door or single-car garage door size. Though pictured in bronze, the iron pulls can be powder coated most any color and can be crafted in various sizes depending on your specifications. Call our design center toll free at (855) 343-3667 to get pricing on the quantities you need.

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