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Asymmetrical Garage Door for a Carport

Custom Wood Garage Door for A Sloping Ground Carport Conversion

Not all garage doors are created equal. Dynamic Garage Doors are custom designed for each individual project. Our full custom design and manufacturing abilities allow us to create unique custom garage doors that naturally blend into each home's authentic architectural style.

This Mid Century style carport was converted into a fully functional garage but presented a problem when it came time to retrofit it with a custom wood garage door. Since the ground was pitched at a sloping angle it required the need of a custom designed asymmetrical garage door that would compensate for the huge gap at the bottom of the garage door opening. Taking careful measurements was of essence to handcraft a garage door that would fit perfectly into the awkwardly shaped garage opening. Once everything was calculated to perfection our designers came up with a minimalistic Mid Century style garage door design that would complement the home's architectural elements. The answer was a fine-lined garage door design with horizontal tongue and groove slats in solid mahogany that were carefully stained to simulate and match the home's existing ipe wood accents. We opted for ipe-stained mahogany in lieu of real ipe to save the client on the custom garage door cost while still delivering a garage door that will last a lifetime and look like a naturally blended architectural element of the home.

Enclosing the carport and adding a Dynamic Garage Door re-purposed and graduated a simple carport to a fully functional garage with a working automatic garage door. Investing in a custom garage door for this sloping carport will prove to return the investment at time of resale. Not to mention, of course, the curb appeal enhancement it gave the home.