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An Uneven Carport to Garage Conversion

Custom Wood Garage Door for A Sloping Ground Carport Conversion

Converting a carport into a real garage can be architecturally challenging and even more so when the ground is uneven. Retrofitting a sloped ground garage opening with a functional and aesthetically pleasing garage door can be daunting and for a lot of semi-custom garage door companies--impossible! At Dynamic Garage Door we thrive on the impossible and we simply don't put any stops to real custom garage door projects.

This carport-turned-garage project came to a halt when it became evident the garage door opening would not be a straight rectangular open. The final garage door opening was asymmetrical, uneven, lopsided and there was, simply put, no reasonable solution. Luckily the owner called us for our experienced opinion and so we put our heads together in the design department to custom craft an uneven garage door that would fit and function within the given parameters. Furthermore, we took on the home's minimalistic architectural style and designed a suitable Mid Century Modern style garage door that complemented the home's essence entirely. Crafted out of solid mahogany horizontal tongue and groove planking with v-grooves it was tastefully stained by our finishers in an ipe stain that matched other areas of the home. Building the bottom section with a lopsided or asymmetrical shape ensured a full seal at the bottom of the door when fully closed.

We welcome your unique and true custom garage door projects. Whether you're converting a carport to a real garage or turning a garage into additional liveable space; Dynamic Garage Door has a custom garage door solution for you! Our custom garage doors will not only add beauty and functionality to your home but will increase resale property value in the short and long run!

San Francisco and Los Angeles homeowners who have a sloped driveway/garage floor and need a solution to replacing or upgrading their uneven shaped garage doors. Give us a call for prices on our custom garage door projects today!