Blue Custom Designed Exterior Shutters

Los Angeles, CA - A window is a simple architectural element but when paired with the proper shutter design the results can be stunning. Deeply nestled within the plastered walls of this beautiful European style home in Long beach the tiny windows were lost in the massive expanse of the empty walls. Adding bright blue shutters that were delicately handcrafted and designed by Dynamic Garage Door was a game changer. Our custom architectural shutters brought life to these hopeless little windows giving them personality, attention and a beautiful rustic personality that you just can't ignore!

Custom shutters are the perfect architectural element that will add essence to a home's curb appeal. Correctly designed shutters can also improve the value of a home making the investment a worthwhile endeavor. Though our custom architectural shutters are not necessarily for the budget minded they are the crown jewels for a perfectly designed European home.

Consult with our in-house designers today for a discerning project design consultation and project cost analysis. Toll free: (855) 343-3667

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An Authentic Salvaged European Gate

Long Beach, CA - Adding a salvaged architectural garden gate to your home can give it that unique touch that adds character and beauty to the curb appeal of your home. As part of a larger project for this European country style home we retrofitted several salvaged architectural gates that were modified and installed to fit in their new home. This particular gate is a reclaimed wood slatted design featuring vertical planking on the front and horizontal planking on the back. The back of the gate as seen in this photo shows the elemental construction of the antique gate with the nails bent over the slats for structural strength and durability. The years of exposure to the elements are immediately obvious by the aging of the wood and layers of rust formed around the nails and hardware. To complete the installation we sourced out an authentic French mortise and lever lock set with its original skeleton keys. The gate is fully functional and a salvaged architectural piece that added character to the home's curb appeal.

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Salvaged Architectural Gate Retrofit

Los Angeles, CA - Reusing salvaged architectural elements such as doors, gates and hardware can have a rewarding effect on the curb appeal of a home. This custom retrofitted wooden gate came from a European salvage yard where the client secured and imported the piece to the U.S. specifically for this custom home build. The gorgeous wood shows decades of aging and elemental craftsmanship that gives it its unique character. The gate itself came with the attached iron hinges which are no longer operable but serve an exquisite aesthetic purpose. The mortise lever lock set was sourced from a local French hardware dealer in Corona del Mar, CA which we found complete with skeleton keys. This was a unique and beautiful touch by the client, we just helped with the retrofit and bringing life back to a salvaged gate in a new location.

Contact our Door Design Center for inquiries on our custom gate projects: (855) 343-3667

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Spanish Style Garage & Front Doors

Los Angeles, CA - Creating an authentic Old World Spanish Mediterranean exterior with custom garage doors and entry door systems can make a stunning impression on the curb appeal of a home. This Spanish Mediterranean home was  exquisitely fitted with a gorgeous wood custom garage door and entry door that speak to the senses. The beautiful hand-distressed alder wood beautifully gives off the appearance of timeless beauty that will pass the test of time. This is the type of wood garage door that will get better with age and continue to charm you for decades. The simple tongue and groove vertical wood slats on the garage door design beautifully contrast the raised panels on the custom entry door which has a style of its own but both doors complement each other with subtle similarities like the stain color, wood of choice and the use of real Spanish style iron hardware elements. Design differences like these keep the architectural flow throughout the property interesting. There isn't a monotonous repetitiveness that simply bores the discerning eye, each door has its own unique style and elements that set them apart giving each their own identity. It is important to keep a subtle constant but never overdone to the point of boredom. 

Dynamic Garage Door focuses on rich architectural door design starting with our world class custom garage doors and moving on to other exterior doors such as garden gates, entry doors and even decorative shutters. Let us know how we can make your door project a success with our custom design skills and craftsmanship

Custom Door Design Center: (855) 343-3667

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Matching Spanish Wood Exterior Doors

Los Angeles, CA - Dynamic Custom Garage Doors, Garden Gates and Front Entry Doors are uniquely crafted to replicate the charming antique doors found in the Spanish Mediterranean region. Matching complementing garage doors, gates and exterior entry doors is of essence to maintain that Spanish Mediterranean architectural harmony throughout the front elevation of a richly designed home. 

The Spanish style garage door, side gates and front entry door feature a dark stain color on solid alder wood which creates a beautiful contrast between the home's all-white exterior and doors. Each type of door features authentic Spanish Mediterranean iron hardware that embellishes that authentic Spanish look. The custom wood garage door features a beautiful hand-distressed surface enhanced with decorative iron pyramid clavos at the end of each vertical slat. Distressing the wood gives the garage door a unique aged look that will pass the test of time and reinforces the look of an authentic Spanish Mediterranean Door

Looking at the front door, it features an authentic Spanish Mediterranean architectural features which includes a speakeasy grill complete with a functional peep door. The entry door design features beautiful raised panels also stained to match the custom wood garage door and exterior garden gates, this pulls the home's curb appeal together which establishes a gorgeous Spanish Mediterranean style.

Matching garden gates pull design features from the Spanish Mediterranean Garage Door including the pyramid shaped clavo heads and decorative arched tops. Stained to match the wood garage door and front entry doors ensures the proper continuity of the home's front curb appeal and architectural style. Together, the custom wood garage door, entry door and garden gates have defined the character and beauty of this Spanish Mediterranean LA home.

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Spanish Mediterranean Curb Appeal

Los Angeles, CA - Achieving a rich Spanish Style curb appeal is highly dependent on the exterior doors you select. Our Spanish Mediterranean style garage doors, gates and front entry doors will help achieve a rich European style that will make heads turn in the neighborhood. We custom design our Spanish Mediterranean Doors with attention to the authentic old world doors seen in Europe. Our goal is to achieve a rich, high quality door that will capture the essence of Spanish architecture.

This Spanish Mediterranean home in LA was beautifully finished with a hand-distressed wood garage door with decorative iron hardware typically seen on real antique doors. We use pyramid clavos, speakeasy grills and authentic-looking European hardware that accentuate that rich historical style our garage doors are known for. The Spanish style front door and side gates were beautifully crafted using the same alder wood and dark stain color that create a gorgeous contrast against the white exterior of this Spanish Mediterranean home.

If you're looking for rich, high-quality garage doors, gates and front doors that are designed and crafted specifically for your home, you'll want to contact our Door Design Studio at: (855) 343-3667

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View Inside Our Spanish Garage Doors

Los Angeles, CA - Our rustic Spanish Style Garage Doors are all old world charm on the exterior but modern and function on the inside. We pair our rustic garage doors with German engineered automatic garage door openers that operate each custom wood garage door at the push of a button. The carriage style design on the front of our garage doors is only an aesthetic illusion that captures the beauty of historical architectural doors in the old world Mediterranean. We finish every side of our wooden garage doors with rich stains that accentuate the quality inside and out. The functional hardware paired with our garage doors is all heavy duty and made to last a lifetime. We believe in building the highest quality custom garage doors on the surface but also in the back end where quality matters to ensure you'll enjoy your new Dynamic Garage Doors for decades to come. Each panel is reinforced with metal support struts which will prevent any sagging while the garage door is in the open position while the custom calibrated torsion springs above the header will balance the weight of the garage door and release the electric garage door opener from stressful use that would eventually burn the motor out. It is very important to build a custom garage door with the highest quality materials available to ensure longevity, safety and ease of use. We don't just sell you the look, we provide you with quality that will outlast any semi-custom garage door out there.

Contact our Door Designers today for comprehensive pricing on your next quality garage door! (855) 343-3667 

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Distressed-Wood Spanish Garage Doors

Los Angeles, CA - Our rustic Spanish garage doors are beautifully hand-stressed to replicate the essence of those antique architectural doors found in the Spanish Mediterranean area. We use authentic European techniques to enhance the charming appearance of the old world doors we love so much. Each wooden garage door is handsomely enhanced with richly handmade decorative iron hardware like the decorative pyramid clavos on the Spanish garage door, the speakeasy grill on the front door that tie our doors beautifully with other architectural features of the home which include the iron balcony railing and exterior light fixtures. Nothing captures the Spanish Mediterranean look like our custom-made garage doors, gates and entry doors!

Get a price on our Spanish Mediterranean Garage Doors, gates or entry doors by calling our Door Design Center at: (855) 343-3667

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Rustic Spanish Colonial Driveway Gate

Los Angeles, CA - As part of a multiple phase project for this LA residence we designed and handcrafted a rustic style driveway gate in simple Spanish architectural style driveway gate. The gate features a simple tongue and groove backdrop with horizontal and vertical trim that create a minimalistic Spanish Colonial style. Wire-brushing the alder wood added depth and brought out the natural grain structure. In order to accentuate and protect the wood we hand-applied a warm oil rubbed stain that saturates the wood with a protective layer while bringing out the beautiful grain variations in the Alder wood. 

Dynamic Garage Door custom designs, handcrafts and installs unique sliding driveway gates made specifically for each home's style. This driveway gate project is an excellent example of some of our custom gate designs and how well they blend in with the homes we work on. To get prices on our custom driveway gates please call our driveway gate design center in Southern California at: (855) 343-3667

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Spanish Style Sliding Driveway Gate

Updating your historical home's curb appeal while increasing security and adding value to your property can be achieved with a custom designed and manufactured driveway gate by Dynamic Garage Door. Featured in this photo is the street view of a custom Spanish Colonial driveway gate that was especially designed and handcrafted for this historical Los Angeles, CA residence. The driveway gate design is simple but the hand wire-brushing and alder wood natural features give it interest, depth and a gorgeous color variation that swiftly changes as you look at the gate at different angles and at different times of the day. Wire-brushing the solid alder wood on this gate brought out the wood's natural characteristics and coloration. The beautiful oil rubbed finish protects the wooden surface from the elements while accentuating the natural beauty of the automatic driveway gate. Framed by the surrounding white plastered walls and mature landscaping made the driveway gate design a perfect fit for this Spanish Colonial gem nestled within the historical neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Dynamic Garage Door has beautified thousands of homes in the Southern California region, frequently shipping our designer driveway gates out of state and abroad. Our unique architectural style is widely acclaimed for its uniqueness, correctness and high quality. We control every aspect of the fabrication process in-house from the creation of the gate designs to the manufacturing, finishing and if you're in California, even the installation! 

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