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Custom Motorized Driveway Gates

Newport Beach Glass & Metal Garage Doors & Driveway Gates

Orange County, CA - Motorized driveway gates make operating your driveway entry gate a breeze! This custom-made driveway gate was ingeniously equipped with Liftmaster swing-arm electric motors that keep the gate securely closed and easily operable with the push of a button. The small footprint gate motors are hardly an eyesore and operate silently. 

When we design a driveway gate for a client we make sure that the automation components won't be unsightly and will work effortlessly from a user's standpoint. This modern glass and steel gate was beautifully finished in a modern design with a silver colored steel frame and white laminate glass panes. The automatic gate motors open both gate leaves swiftly without a sound!

Let us design state-of-the-art automatic driveway gates that will not only keep  your property safe but add curb appeal and architectural character to your home. Our in-house driveway gate designers are among the best and virtually unrivaled in California. Call today for a comprehensive cost and design consultation: (855) 343-DOOR