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European Designer Shutter Hardware

Los Angeles, CA Reclaimed Wood Garage Door & European Shutters

Los Angeles, CA - Part of a custom shutter's charm comes from the decorative iron hardware selected. This blue European style shutter design was handsomely accentuated with decorative iron hinge straps and shutter dogs. These elements are handcrafted with the highest craftsmanship standards possible to capture that authentic Old World look. 

As one of the nation's leading custom wood and gate garage door company we've actually achieved renowned door projects that also include decorative exterior shutters. We apply the same architectural understanding of Old World European architecture and craftsmanship style.

These gorgeous blue shutters were exquisitely finished in a deep blue color that was soaked up by the hand wire-brushed cedar grain further accentuating the rustic, aged look of the wooden shutters. Adding decorative iron straps that were hand-forged much in the same way it has been done in Europe for centuries added that realistic appearance that make our custom shutters so beautiful and highly desirable for custom home renovations and new constructions. This country European style home in the Los Angeles region called out for highly detailed architectural elements and so we were commissioned, in addition to the garage doors and garden gates, to custom design and manufacture complementing architectural shutters that would add richness and authentic European design to the home's finishing touches.

Let our in-house designers celebrate your personal taste for authentic architectural design and discerning understanding of quality create the most amazing window shutters you have ever seen!

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