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Blue Architectural European Shutters

Los Angeles, CA Reclaimed Wood Garage Door & European Shutters

Long Beach, CA - Exterior window shutters are a key architectural element that can enhance, accentuate or define the style of a home. Using the correct proportions, colors and decorative hardware will ensure the proper aesthetic outcome.

For this rustic European style home in Long Beach we created outstandingly beautiful shutters that convey a charming historical appeal. Each decorative shutter was meticulously handcrafted and wire-brushed to bring out that rustic grain texture of the cedar wood. The realistic decorative shutter hardware was handmade by our in-house blacksmiths while, both, the shutters and hardware were beautifully finished in a rich blue color that adds a fabulous contrast to the home's earthy plastered walls and authentic European stone walls. Our custom shutters, as you can see, are the perfect contrasting complement that bring life to the home's curb appeal. The beauty of our custom-made shutters and hardware is the aging process they'll go through. Over the years, decades the elements will bring out natural surface rust on some of the hardware and the touch of nature will give the shutters a washed appearance that will further enhance that Old World authenticity. These natural results are not a flaw or problem but rather marks of beauty that add that spectacular patina we often see and admire in real European historical countryside homes.

There are many reasons why Dynamic Garage Door shutters are highly acclaimed for luxury home remodels and new construction, perhaps too many to list but take a look at our shutter galleries and other projects so you can see the difference we offer as the leaders in the custom door industry.

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