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Carriage Doors With Awning Windows

Los Angeles Custom Carriage Doors With Functional Awning WIndows

Living in highly urbanized areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco has pushed residents to get creative and maximize every square foot of liveable space available. Many homeowners have discovered that they have a rather large liveable area within their very own garages that can be converted to functional, liveable spaces without major remodeling or construction. However; the challenge in converting garages into additional square footage to flow with the home's interior design is the unsightly garage door track and hardware that hangs from the ceiling. The entire garage can be finished with drywall, molding and flooring but all could be done in vain when facing this challenge. The simple solution to this is to replace the garage door with traditional real carriage doors that swing out. When installed, as seen in this picture of a project we did in LA, they look great from the curb because they actually add to the home's architectural essence and they are functional to operate by hand or automatically with an activating device. Real carriage doors look fantastic from inside because they are built and installed much like a front door complete with casing and design finishing on both sides! If the garage ever needs to be used as a garage again the carriage doors can be swung open fully and vehicles can still park inside without a problem. This means that when and if the home is ever put on the market it can be featured as having a garage or additional liveable square footage! The buyer market expands by presenting the garage as a multipurpose room!

Call Dynamic Garage Door today and get carriage door ideas for your home as well as pricing. Learn why adding functional awning windows to your carriage doors can save you money in air conditioning costs plus the added design value they project when cranked open!