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Pergola Idea Over Our Carriage Doors

Real Out-Swing Carriage Garage Doors Handmade in Solid Wood

Custom architectural carriage doors are a fabulous way to add function and beauty to the curb appeal of any garage. This double car detached garage was not being used to its full potential, the old one-piece, tilt-up door was too heavy and dangerous to operate so the garage became an abandoned part of the house for many years. Suddenly, with the potential of adding real carriage doors to replace the old, non-functional garage door the homeowner saw the opportunity to reinvent the garage and turn it into a home office. The garage opening was divided into two separate sets of out-swing carriage doors that makes them easy to operate manually. The large window panes with separating mullions bring in natural light into the garage which makes it a pleasant environment to work in.

We crafted the carriage doors in solid mahogany wood stained to match the existing wooden pergola over the garage door opening. Real functional carriage door hardware was used including the hand-forged pull handles and deadbolt locks that secure the garage safely. Inside the carriage doors have individual cane bolts. There is also full perimeter weather seal so that the carriage doors function as true front entry door systems. While the double car opening was split into to separate openings each side still accommodates a full sized vehicle in case the garage is ever used for parking cars inside again.