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View Inside Our Spanish Garage Doors

Custom Spanish Mediterranean Garage Door in Dark Rustic Alder

Los Angeles, CA - Our rustic Spanish Style Garage Doors are all old world charm on the exterior but modern and function on the inside. We pair our rustic garage doors with German engineered automatic garage door openers that operate each custom wood garage door at the push of a button. The carriage style design on the front of our garage doors is only an aesthetic illusion that captures the beauty of historical architectural doors in the old world Mediterranean. We finish every side of our wooden garage doors with rich stains that accentuate the quality inside and out. The functional hardware paired with our garage doors is all heavy duty and made to last a lifetime. We believe in building the highest quality custom garage doors on the surface but also in the back end where quality matters to ensure you'll enjoy your new Dynamic Garage Doors for decades to come. Each panel is reinforced with metal support struts which will prevent any sagging while the garage door is in the open position while the custom calibrated torsion springs above the header will balance the weight of the garage door and release the electric garage door opener from stressful use that would eventually burn the motor out. It is very important to build a custom garage door with the highest quality materials available to ensure longevity, safety and ease of use. We don't just sell you the look, we provide you with quality that will outlast any semi-custom garage door out there.

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