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Blue Custom Designed Exterior Shutters

Los Angeles, CA Reclaimed Wood Garage Door & European Shutters

Los Angeles, CA - A window is a simple architectural element but when paired with the proper shutter design the results can be stunning. Deeply nestled within the plastered walls of this beautiful European style home in Long beach the tiny windows were lost in the massive expanse of the empty walls. Adding bright blue shutters that were delicately handcrafted and designed by Dynamic Garage Door was a game changer. Our custom architectural shutters brought life to these hopeless little windows giving them personality, attention and a beautiful rustic personality that you just can't ignore!

Custom shutters are the perfect architectural element that will add essence to a home's curb appeal. Correctly designed shutters can also improve the value of a home making the investment a worthwhile endeavor. Though our custom architectural shutters are not necessarily for the budget minded they are the crown jewels for a perfectly designed European home.

Consult with our in-house designers today for a discerning project design consultation and project cost analysis. Toll free: (855) 343-3667

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