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French Style Garage Door Hardware

Authentic French Style Garage Doors, Entry Doors & Shutters

Most of our European style garage doors are exquisitely embellished with authentic handcrafted dummy hardware to enhance a certain  appearance. For instance, these massive iron-forged pulls with fleur de lis finials are ingeniously placed between two large simulated door leaves to appear as though you can pull the two carriage doors open in a swinging motion. It is surprising to see most of our garage doors roll up instead of swing out like carriage doors. Often time the trick is the dummy hardware we strategically place on the surface of our wooden garage doors for further accentuate this look.

These French Provincial door pulls in speckled bronze are gorgeously finished with fleur de lis finials, a typical French symbol. The large size of these dummy iron pulls make them rich to the touch and aesthetic apearance. Their large size make them proportionally correct for a double-car size garage door or single-car garage door size. Though pictured in bronze, the iron pulls can be powder coated most any color and can be crafted in various sizes depending on your specifications. Call our design center toll free at (855) 343-3667 to get pricing on the quantities you need.