Real Out-Swing Carriage Garage Doors Handmade in Solid Wood

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Garage conversions are gaining popularity in many urban areas such as Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as other cities in the United States. Take for instance this LA home's detached two car garage that was conveniently converted to a home studio & office. Replacing the old tilt-up overhead garage door was the most important part of the project as it not only added pedestrian access and functionality to the garage but gave the front elevation a whole new remake which included a fabulously done pergola over the carriage garage doors. Considering the added curb appeal, functionality and increased property value, investing in custom made carriage doors was a wise investment.

The double car garage opening was divided into two separate entrances which still allow enough space for two cars to be parked side-by-side if the homeowner ever decides to use the garage to park cars inside again. Nothing is lost when replacing regular garage doors with custom carriage doors because the access space is not blocked or obstructed so the garage can always be regained. Meanwhile, the flexibility of adding actual liveable square footage to any home without extensive remodeling or structural additions make our carriage doors the perfect solution and final touch to any garage conversion.

Our carriage doors have been used in garages that have been converted to home theaters, playrooms, man caves, home offices, home gyms and other multipurpose rooms that make each home that much better and at a fraction of the most of major remodeling. The carriage doors featured in this LA project were handcrafted in solid mahogany wood with matching jambs and casing. The large glass panes with individual mullion glass separations bathe the entire home studio with natural light. At the same time the craftsman design of the carriage doors complemented the home's traditional style quite well. The vine pergola above the carriage doors make the garage's exterior even more attractive and will make the home studio more of a charming getaway within the property.

If you're looking for a convenient, affordable way to increase your home's square footage without breaking the bank, you might want to consider your garage as the means to get what you want for a lot less. We will be sure to work with you and create the most gorgeous carriage door design you've ever seen. Contact us today for carriage garage door ideas and prices, we would relish the opportunity to give your home a facelift and add valuable square footage you'll enjoy with our custom crafted carriage doors.

Custom Designed Carriage Garage Doors

Traditional craftsman style carriage garage doors are making a comeback for various reasons. They offer convenience, architectural beauty and durability. This carriage garage door system designed, crafted and installed by Dynamic Garage Door features two sets of double outswing real carriage doors that separate the pre-existing double car opening into pedestrian sized manageable doors. Crafted out of solid mahogany and stained a traditional redwood color to match the overhead pergola made the carriage doors blend in beautifully with the newly converted garage. Although the garage was converted into a home office, the carriage door openings are wide enough to fit two full sized vehicles inside the garage area if the need ever arises or for resale value purposes.

The overall design was borrowed from the traditional craftsman styles of historical American heritage. The large window panes allow ample natural light to reach the interior of the garage while offering a view to the outdoors from inside the office-converted garage. Carriage garage door projects like this are our specialty and we work closely with each individual client to achieve the utmost exclusive carriage door designs that offer functionality and curb appeal that is second to none!

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Garage Door to Carriage Door Conversion

Garage conversions can be exciting because of the unlimited possibilities that can done. Some might convert their garage to a playroom for the kids, a man cave, entertainment room or for a much needed home office. The question is what to do with that old rollup garage door that gets in the way of the interior design? The answer is...roll back time and replace that garage door with real functional carriage doors that will give you that pedestrian access you're looking for while eliminating all the excess needed by a regular garage door!

Our custom designed carriage doors for garage conversions are crafted much like front door systems. We build them with the highest level of craftsmanship and ease of use you would expect from an entry door. Because our carriage doors are crafted by hand it is easy to oversee quality during the manufacturing process ensuring that the end result is perfect.

This carriage garage door system was handcrafted in solid mahogany wood in a traditional craftsman style to accentuate the home's 1940's traditional bungalow style. Since the garage was converted into a home office it was important to shower the interior with natural light so we added large glass panes at the top of the carriage doors to allow enough light to brighten the space with as much natural light as possible. Each carriage door panel has a hand-forged iron pull with roller a roller catch and keyed deadbolt. There is full perimeter weather around the doors as well as a threshold seal at the bottom to keep the weather, bugs and dust outside while keeping the interior temperature stable. Since the existing overhead pergola was crafted in redwood we stained the mahogany carriage doors to match on point making the project a harmonious success!

Let us know how we can design, craft and install the carriage doors that will make your garage conversion a unique retreat in your very own home!

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Swinging Carriage Doors & Vine Trellis

Imagine what your garage could be! Converting your garage into useful square footage is as easy and economical as replacing that old single-piece, tilt-up garage door or that rollup garage door that simply has too much hardware on the inside that it would be impossible to make the interior of the garage look like a real room.

This is a 1940's traditional bungalow style garage that was converted into a home office. Replacing the old single-piece garage door completely gave this detached garage new life! Designing the appropriate carriage door style for this garage was a collaboration between the homeowner and one of our in-house designers. The results are stunning and gave a new purpose to the otherwise dead space in the garage.

Find out what Dynamic Garage Door's in-house designers can create to replace your existing garage door with world-class carriage doors specifically made for your home!

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Pergola Idea Over Our Carriage Doors

Custom architectural carriage doors are a fabulous way to add function and beauty to the curb appeal of any garage. This double car detached garage was not being used to its full potential, the old one-piece, tilt-up door was too heavy and dangerous to operate so the garage became an abandoned part of the house for many years. Suddenly, with the potential of adding real carriage doors to replace the old, non-functional garage door the homeowner saw the opportunity to reinvent the garage and turn it into a home office. The garage opening was divided into two separate sets of out-swing carriage doors that makes them easy to operate manually. The large window panes with separating mullions bring in natural light into the garage which makes it a pleasant environment to work in.

We crafted the carriage doors in solid mahogany wood stained to match the existing wooden pergola over the garage door opening. Real functional carriage door hardware was used including the hand-forged pull handles and deadbolt locks that secure the garage safely. Inside the carriage doors have individual cane bolts. There is also full perimeter weather seal so that the carriage doors function as true front entry door systems. While the double car opening was split into to separate openings each side still accommodates a full sized vehicle in case the garage is ever used for parking cars inside again.

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