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Swinging Carriage Doors & Vine Trellis

Real Out-Swing Carriage Garage Doors Handmade in Solid Wood

Imagine what your garage could be! Converting your garage into useful square footage is as easy and economical as replacing that old single-piece, tilt-up garage door or that rollup garage door that simply has too much hardware on the inside that it would be impossible to make the interior of the garage look like a real room.

This is a 1940's traditional bungalow style garage that was converted into a home office. Replacing the old single-piece garage door completely gave this detached garage new life! Designing the appropriate carriage door style for this garage was a collaboration between the homeowner and one of our in-house designers. The results are stunning and gave a new purpose to the otherwise dead space in the garage.

Find out what Dynamic Garage Door's in-house designers can create to replace your existing garage door with world-class carriage doors specifically made for your home!