Mediterranean Style Custom Garage Doors & Courtyard Entry Gates

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Some of the most beautiful custom homes are located in the Southern California / Los Angeles region. This Mediterranean beauty is nestled in an affluent community in Orange County with panoramic views and a discerning taste for authentic Mediterranean Architectural style which include our custom handmade wood garage doors and courtyard gates.

The handcrafted Mediterranean style garage doors with their architectural arches were manufactured in African Mahogany with a rich stain that enhances the mahogany's natural grain and colors. The custom door design has raised upper panels with lower diamond panels that were carved by hand. This particular garage door design adds visual weight appeal at the bottom while the top raised panels flow with the home curb appeal. The hand-forged dummy hardware that was used to decorate these garage doors was selected to give the wood garage doors a true European appearance.

Our garage door designers created the courtyard and garden gates to harmonize with each other but in a unique fashion. Our finish carpenters are highly skilled in the old world way of crafting some of the most stunning garden gates you will ever see. Our authentic craftsmanship is noticed immediately noticed our garage door and gate projects as it is rich in detail, built with quality in mind and replicates that European architectural authenticity. The home's overall Mediterranean style of the home was kept in mind and some of the elements were used on the garage door and garden gate designs.

Contact our garage door and gate design center in California at (855) 343-3667 for prices on our custom Mediterranean garage doors and complementing garden gates. We install anywhere in California while shipping out of the state and abroad.

Custom Mediterranean Garage Doors

Corona del Mar, CA - Mediterranean architectural home design is popular in the coast of California and Florida alike. This custom home in Orange County, CA was done beautifully with all the architectural elements you would expect from an authentic Mediterranean Villa.

The custom garage doors were done in solid Mahogany with a raised panels and hand-carved diamond panels at the bottom. The raised panels showcase the solid craftsmanship devoted to building this project consisting of two custom wood garage doors and wooden garden gates. The wood was stained by hand to brig out the rich coloration and grain structure of the handpicked mahogany lumber. Matching the home's arched garage door openings was essential to achieve a natural architectural look. Our goal is to craft and design custom garage doors that look like they belong and meant for the project at hand. Focusing on each home's existing architectural style and elements help our in-house designers create unique garage doors that evoke nothing less than architectural excellence.

Since the double-car and single-car garage doors were next to each other it was important to keep a certain degree of design consistency. Breaking the monotony of continuity was ingeniously done by selecting different decorative hardware and placement of these elements. For instance, the double-car garage door has ring pulls placed over the two most center raised panels while the single-car garage door has pull handles placed on the center trim edges to create a monotony breaking difference between both custom garage doors. Making these subtle differences between doors that are next to each other follows the old world tradition of beauty in imperfection.

Our in-house designers can create an authentic Mediterranean style look for your home with our custom designed garage doors and gates. We enjoy working on projects that involve various architectural door elements that are typically missed but make such an enormous difference.

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Mahogany Garage Doors and Gates

Designing garage doors and gates for some of Orange County's most luxurious homes has given our in-house designers the opportunity to create and recreate some amazing solid wood garage doors and gates. These mahogany garage doors were beautifully finished with a rich stain that accentuates the raised panel design and hand carved diamond panel at the bottom of the garage doors. The elegant design is a direct inspiration borrowed from the lavish villas found throughout the Mediterranean coast. Decorative dummy hardware was selected carefully to dress up these custom wood garage door and further enhance that architectural style of the Mediterranean found throughout this Corona del Mar home. Various garden gates surrounding the property were designed to complement the garage doors and overall curb appeal of the home. The side passage gate in the image was handcrafted in solid mahogany with frosted glass panes for privacy but the translucent designer glass allows light to sip through and give the arched top gate an airy feeling that does not compete with any of the architectural elements including the massive garage doors.

Our designers specialize in the art of creating architectural garage door and gate designs that harmonize with each home's style. This Mediterranean home was graciously fitted with our custom designed garage doors and gates to emphasize the elegant style of Mediterranean Architecture. Our forté is combining various door elements throughout the front elevation of high end homes to harmonize with each other without becoming monotonous or too repetitive. We break that repetitiveness with subtle decorative hardware selection and design differences between our garden gates and custom garage doors.

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Wood & Wrought Iron Courtyard Gate

Entering this Mediterranean home in Corona del Mar is simply a luxurious pleasure! The custom wrought iron and wood courtyard gate is a formidable welcoming to the property. Creating this Mediterranean style entry gate was part of a custom garage door and gate project we were commissioned to design, manufacture and install.

This custom courtyard gate has it all, gorgeous wrought iron scrolling, richly stained solid mahogany frame with a bottom diamond panels and a fully functional rain glass door for privacy! As you walk up to the entry gate you can't help but admire the swift iron scroll design with a gorgeous designer glass backing that allows the rays of light to shine through the ironwork. Then while placing your hand on the heavily ornate forged pull handle your eyes will notice the warm yet elegant wood grain that warmly balances the iron forging and glass. There is such elegance to this courtyard entry gate and it involves so many design features that were combined to make entering this home's courtyard a pleasurable experience each and every time it is accessed!

Since this entry gate was a part of garage door and gate project we used some of the design elements from the garage doors on the courtyard gate. Some of the borrowed elements were the bottom diamond panels which were carved by hand and  resonate the same panel style from the Mediterranean garage doors. The wood frame was beautifully stained to match the garage doors. Great details were used on the courtyard entry gate to focus all the curb appeal attention to it since it is the main entry way to the home. We accomplished this by using the delicately balanced scroll design which is unique to the gate and no other door on the house. Then a subtle arch to match garage doors was used to break the monotony of the linear entryway design.

Making each one of our custom garage door and gate projects a success is a collaboration between our in-house designers, wood craftsmen and clients. We roll our expertise and our client's dreams into reality with world-class design that will pass the test of times and evoke beauty as well as luxury.

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Architectural Entry Gates in Wood & Iron

Wrought iron gates can be harsh to the eye and appearance of a home. Adding elements such as glass and wood can drastically minimize this appearance and even make a courtyard entry gate look inviting and quite elegant using wrought iron scrolling, solid woods and designer type glass.

This Mediterranean style gate incorporates three major elements that balance the overall look and feel of this exquisite courtyard entry way. First off, the beautifully stained mahogany wood convey warmth, simplicity and natural beauty while the wrought iron scrolling adds a touch of class with the delicate curves and raindrop scroll design. The glass; however, plays an important part of this gate creation by making the entire gate an airy look by allowing light to shine through and enhance the look of the wrought iron work. Though the selected rain glass allows light to show through it does offer privacy as well so combining all these features together to build this outstanding Mediterranean gate design made this project a success!

Find out what our door designers can create and what our skilled carpenters can manufacture into reality. Our courtyard gate and garage door designs are unique, authentic and unparalleled because we pride ourselves in the details of our expertise. We design world-class architectural gates and garage doors!

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Wrought Iron & Glass Architectural Gate

Your courtyard entry gate can be the most important focal point of entry to your home. Selecting the right courtyard gate design to welcome your guests can be a challenge but if you work with one of our in-house designers you can rest-assured we will design craft and install the best courtyard gate for your home that you have ever imagined.

This custom Mediterranean courtyard gate has various design elements that were carefully combined to achieve the final look of an authentic Mediterranean Style Gate. The use of wood to frame the wrought iron design and glass gives the courtyard gate a warm, inviting appearance while the elegance of the hand-forged ironwork against the rain glass door offer security, privacy and, yes, beauty! The glass pane door can easily be opened from inside the courtyard for easy cleaning or to speak to an uninvited guest standing right outside the property. When completely closed, the rain glass plays with the light rays that shine through the wrought iron scroll design seen from outside the property. These three elements give this entry gate such an elegant presentation which in turn adds curb appeal beauty to the front elevation of this Mediterranean home.

You too can enjoy authentic architectural design created for your particular home's architectural style. Our entry gate designers are experts at combining your personal needs and your home's unique style. Courtyard gates are only part of what we can do, ask us about our custom designed garage doors made to match your garden gates or front door.

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European Handcrafted Courtyard Gates

The most amazing architectural elements found throughout Europe have to be their entry doors. Doors are the focal point of entry to every home and building; therefore, selecting the right design and materials is of essence. Remember that first impressions happen only once so you want to make sure that your entry courtyard gate is conveying the right feeling to your guests.

This Mediterranean style courtyard entry gate is fabulous in more than one way. The custom design is the result of an entire project consisting of custom architectural garage doors and garden gates we designed and manufactured specifically for this home. The entry gate has a beautiful hand craved diamond panel which was borrowed from the garage door design itself. We used the same mahogany wood to build the gate and complement the front elevation aesthetics of the home. To create contrast between the solid wood garage doors and entry courtyard gate we decided to open up the top portion of the gate enough to let light through but still giving the residents privacy. This was done by using a rain glass door behind the wrought iron scroll design which plays beautifully with the rays of light that shine through the opaque glass and shimmer on the swift iron scrolling. Heavy hand-forged decorative gate pulls were used to accentuate the gate further giving it a luxurious Mediterranean Villa feel. The use of wood softens and warms up the look of the wrought iron scrolling and designer rain glass. Together, all of these elements speak beauty, functionality and traditional Mediterranean architectural style!

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Corona del Mar, CA Custom Entry Gates

The details are the most important when designing an authentically designed entry gate. This is a closeup of the designer rain glass we used on this Mediterranean style gate which you can see behind the wrought iron scroll design. The rain glass allows light to glimmer through and bathe the iron scrolling with rays of light throughout the entire entry gate. Rain glass is a fantastic choice to give any custom gate an airy feeling while offering privacy in a stylish fashion. Since the glass is actually a fully functional door it can easily be cleaned or opened to speak easily with an uninvited guest or simply to open up the exterior view into the lavish courtyard area. No detail is spared when we design our custom gates and this Mediterranean courtyard gate located in Corona del Mar, CA is no exception. We can do the same for you but in a uniquely designed fashion just for your home and personal taste!

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