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Custom Mediterranean Garage Doors

Mediterranean Style Custom Garage Doors & Courtyard Entry Gates

Corona del Mar, CA - Mediterranean architectural home design is popular in the coast of California and Florida alike. This custom home in Orange County, CA was done beautifully with all the architectural elements you would expect from an authentic Mediterranean Villa.

The custom garage doors were done in solid Mahogany with a raised panels and hand-carved diamond panels at the bottom. The raised panels showcase the solid craftsmanship devoted to building this project consisting of two custom wood garage doors and wooden garden gates. The wood was stained by hand to brig out the rich coloration and grain structure of the handpicked mahogany lumber. Matching the home's arched garage door openings was essential to achieve a natural architectural look. Our goal is to craft and design custom garage doors that look like they belong and meant for the project at hand. Focusing on each home's existing architectural style and elements help our in-house designers create unique garage doors that evoke nothing less than architectural excellence.

Since the double-car and single-car garage doors were next to each other it was important to keep a certain degree of design consistency. Breaking the monotony of continuity was ingeniously done by selecting different decorative hardware and placement of these elements. For instance, the double-car garage door has ring pulls placed over the two most center raised panels while the single-car garage door has pull handles placed on the center trim edges to create a monotony breaking difference between both custom garage doors. Making these subtle differences between doors that are next to each other follows the old world tradition of beauty in imperfection.

Our in-house designers can create an authentic Mediterranean style look for your home with our custom designed garage doors and gates. We enjoy working on projects that involve various architectural door elements that are typically missed but make such an enormous difference.