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Architectural Entry Gates in Wood & Iron

Mediterranean Style Custom Garage Doors & Courtyard Entry Gates

Wrought iron gates can be harsh to the eye and appearance of a home. Adding elements such as glass and wood can drastically minimize this appearance and even make a courtyard entry gate look inviting and quite elegant using wrought iron scrolling, solid woods and designer type glass.

This Mediterranean style gate incorporates three major elements that balance the overall look and feel of this exquisite courtyard entry way. First off, the beautifully stained mahogany wood convey warmth, simplicity and natural beauty while the wrought iron scrolling adds a touch of class with the delicate curves and raindrop scroll design. The glass; however, plays an important part of this gate creation by making the entire gate an airy look by allowing light to shine through and enhance the look of the wrought iron work. Though the selected rain glass allows light to show through it does offer privacy as well so combining all these features together to build this outstanding Mediterranean gate design made this project a success!

Find out what our door designers can create and what our skilled carpenters can manufacture into reality. Our courtyard gate and garage door designs are unique, authentic and unparalleled because we pride ourselves in the details of our expertise. We design world-class architectural gates and garage doors!