Authentic French Style Garage Doors, Entry Doors & Shutters

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Rancho Santa Fe, CA - Located in one of San Diego's most affluent neighborhoods this French Style residence was missing that authentic European character defined by their rich architecturally rich doors that have romanticized historic European architecture.

The French have in fact given the world so much in vibrant color, delicately crafted architectural elements and refined design beauty. Keeping this tradition alive when designing the garage doors, entry doors and decorative shutters for this French style home were the key elements to accomplish the entire project. Every single aspect of this project was custom designed for this particular home including the one-of-a-kind dummy hardware used on the wood garage doors and decorative shutters.

The custom garage doors were handsomely crafted in solid vertical grain cedar stained in a deeply rich stain that gave the garage doors a vibrant, warm glow. The bottom diamond-shaped panels were exquisitely replicating traditional balcony railings found throughout French architecture. Each piece of decorative iron hardware was authentically designed piece by piece to achieve a unique architectural elemental feel. The hinge straps and pull handles feature fleur de lis finials, a traditional French design selection. The ornate hand-forged scrolling on the single car garage door and top of the side entry door were meticulously formed in a delicate flowing fashion to exemplify that discerning for fine design the French are known for. Powder coating the iron hardware in a bronze color completed the vibrant color variations between the shutters, garage doors and side entry doors.

The French like color and it clearly shows when you walk down their cobblestone streets with their iron balconies and vibrantly colored shutters and entry doors alike. The bold blue color used on the shutters and side entry doors create a vibrant contrast against the yellow plastered walls and rich stain color of the French garage doors. The locking mechanisms used on the entry doors were imported from Europe, again using the fleur de lis finials that matched the hardware we custom made for this project. Looking closely at the shutter hinges, again, you see the delicate fleur de lis design resonating over and over the appreciation of finer details only seen in timeless European villas and chateaus.

Whether you're looking for custom French Garage Doors alone or need us to design an entire project consisting of garage doors, entry doors, shutters and/or driveway gates in timeless European designs, our dynamic in-house designers are eager to work with you. Call us today and consult on one custom garage door design project or an entire blend of architectural doors for your custom home. We will design, craft and install or ship our custom products for you.

Authentic French Style Garage Doors

French style garage doors are not to be confused with the typical French style doors commonly used in patio or interior doors. The French have exquisite taste for finer craftsmanship and particular fondness for a vibrant color palette. This custom French garage door project consisted of a matching side entry door as well as decorative shutters with uniquely designed decorative hardware for this project only!

The custom French style garage doors themselves are similar in design but with some variations that set them apart from each other. The single car garage door in the image is simulating swing-open double doors with beautiful European dummy lever handles and hand forged scrolling on the upper arched area of the French garage door. A beautiful diamond shaped design element was used at the bottom of the custom garage door design which is popular shape used in many French architectural buildings, railings and design panels. Using decorative lever handles in bronze set off the look and fool the eye. Pressing a button from a handheld remote reveals the true overhead, roll-up functionality of the garage door allowing a car to drive in safely. Side lanterns were added to accentuate the look of that French Provincial design we selected for the single-car garage door.

Looking closer at the custom double-car garage door, notice how the upper portion of the door design changed to a more simple, less ornate design that resembles two large French Style Carriage Doors. Large dummy handles with fleur de lis finials are the center piece that give this French garage door a gorgeous provincial appearance while the decorative garage door hinges also resonate that fleur de lis finial design that ties the garage door design together.

Both French garage doors were richly stained in a vibrant color that pops against the soft yellow plastered walls and create a bright contrast between the blue man door and custom shutters we designed and crafted for this project. The authentic design and configuration of the decorative hardware was unique to this project including the custom designed pull handles on the double car garage door, the levers on the single-car garage door as well as hinges and hand forged scrolling.

Our design team was able to add color, authentic French design and a vivid curb appeal to this Rancho Santa Fe home in San Diego County. We can do the same for you by calling (855) 343-3667 and consulting with our in-house designers.

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French Provincial Garage Door Design

Here's a vivid French Provincial garage door design complete with gorgeous architectural dummy hardware and hand-forged iron scroll appliqué. Crafted in high quality clear cedar wood the custom garage door features subtle French architectural design elements that make it an authentic French Provincial garage door!  The bottom panel consists of a beautiful beveled diamond design in lieu of raised panels and this was purposely done because of the exposure to the elements in the home's position. Raised panels could have easily cracked or split prematurely but preserving the beautiful French design of this door was fabulously done by our designers and skilled carpenters. The garage door was finished in a rich stain with red tonalities that make it pop and contrast well with the other colors on the exterior of the home including the bright blue shutters and matching side entry door we created for this home. The decorative garage door hardware was powder coated in a speckled lighter tone of bronze to add interest, contrast and essence to this French Provincial Garage Door.

Work with our in-house designers today to improve the curb appeal of your home and increase your positive energy every time you come home!

Design Consultation Center: (855) 343-3667

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French Style Garage Door Hardware

Most of our European style garage doors are exquisitely embellished with authentic handcrafted dummy hardware to enhance a certain  appearance. For instance, these massive iron-forged pulls with fleur de lis finials are ingeniously placed between two large simulated door leaves to appear as though you can pull the two carriage doors open in a swinging motion. It is surprising to see most of our garage doors roll up instead of swing out like carriage doors. Often time the trick is the dummy hardware we strategically place on the surface of our wooden garage doors for further accentuate this look.

These French Provincial door pulls in speckled bronze are gorgeously finished with fleur de lis finials, a typical French symbol. The large size of these dummy iron pulls make them rich to the touch and aesthetic apearance. Their large size make them proportionally correct for a double-car size garage door or single-car garage door size. Though pictured in bronze, the iron pulls can be powder coated most any color and can be crafted in various sizes depending on your specifications. Call our design center toll free at (855) 343-3667 to get pricing on the quantities you need.

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French Style Designer's Side Entry Door

San Diego County, CA - The bright blue side entry door and shutters were exquisitely designed in an authentic French flavored style using detailed craftsmanship and finished in a gorgeously vibrant blue.  The side entry door has a gorgeous diamond designed at the bottom while the bead board tongue and groove center piece is beautifully balanced with the specialty designer glass window with its hand-forged iron scroll insert. Exquisite details such as the door's authentic European hardware and iron scroll detailing is rich in French style architectural heritage.

Dynamic Garage Door custom designs combined door projects that complement each other but  are not continuously monotonous. We incorporate design elements from one door to the next giving each custom door set an authentic European feel that enriches each home's unique architectural style and beauty. Take a look at the entire project for this San Diego home, we custom designed, crafted and installed the garage doors, side entry doors and decorative window shutters.

Call our Door Design Center for pricing and or design consultations: (855) 343-3667

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Custom Made French European Shutters

These custom designed French shutters were crafted in a gorgeous raised panel configuration. The fleur de lis hinges were uniquely designed for this French style shutter project. Achieving the right color of aged blue took several samples that were brought out to the residence and physically compared to the plastered walls. Powder coating the the decorative iron hardware in a light, speckled bronze color created an elegant French Provincial statement and gave the architectural shutters a sophisticated European flare. As part of a larger exterior door and custom garage door project, these shutters were the perfect complement to this French Provincial style home in Southern California.

If you're only looking for custom-designed architectural shutters for your home, our designers will be delighted to work with you and your home's style to create one-of-a-kind decorative shutters that will enhance your home's curb appeal. We can also combine entire exterior door, garage door and gate projects into a single custom project to achieve a unique architectural statement that will likely make your neighbor envious!

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