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Authentic French Style Garage Doors

Authentic French Style Garage Doors, Entry Doors & Shutters

French style garage doors are not to be confused with the typical French style doors commonly used in patio or interior doors. The French have exquisite taste for finer craftsmanship and particular fondness for a vibrant color palette. This custom French garage door project consisted of a matching side entry door as well as decorative shutters with uniquely designed decorative hardware for this project only!

The custom French style garage doors themselves are similar in design but with some variations that set them apart from each other. The single car garage door in the image is simulating swing-open double doors with beautiful European dummy lever handles and hand forged scrolling on the upper arched area of the French garage door. A beautiful diamond shaped design element was used at the bottom of the custom garage door design which is popular shape used in many French architectural buildings, railings and design panels. Using decorative lever handles in bronze set off the look and fool the eye. Pressing a button from a handheld remote reveals the true overhead, roll-up functionality of the garage door allowing a car to drive in safely. Side lanterns were added to accentuate the look of that French Provincial design we selected for the single-car garage door.

Looking closer at the custom double-car garage door, notice how the upper portion of the door design changed to a more simple, less ornate design that resembles two large French Style Carriage Doors. Large dummy handles with fleur de lis finials are the center piece that give this French garage door a gorgeous provincial appearance while the decorative garage door hinges also resonate that fleur de lis finial design that ties the garage door design together.

Both French garage doors were richly stained in a vibrant color that pops against the soft yellow plastered walls and create a bright contrast between the blue man door and custom shutters we designed and crafted for this project. The authentic design and configuration of the decorative hardware was unique to this project including the custom designed pull handles on the double car garage door, the levers on the single-car garage door as well as hinges and hand forged scrolling.

Our design team was able to add color, authentic French design and a vivid curb appeal to this Rancho Santa Fe home in San Diego County. We can do the same for you by calling (855) 343-3667 and consulting with our in-house designers.