Composite Wood Custom Designed Garage Doors & Real Carriage Doors

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Laguna Niguel, CA - This project consisted of a custom roll-up garage door on a double car garage and out-swing carriage doors for a single car garage door that was converted into a golf simulator room. Both, the garage door and carriage doors, were designed in a matching Mediterranean architectural style that were faux-stained by hand to simulate real wood grain.

For the construction of both doors we used eco-friendly composite materials that are resilient to the elements and will not crack, split or bow like real wood sometimes does when exposed to the environmental elements. There are many advantages to building custom garage doors and carriages doors in eco-friendly materials which include the previously mentioned qualities and also the lower maintenance required over the years. When completely finished with our hand-applied faux stain finishes the difference between real wood and composite materials is hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

The Garage Door was ingeniously designed in a Spanish Mediterranean style with decorative dummy hardware that looks and feels like real functional iron hardware you would find on an authentic antique door in the Mediterranean. The hardware on this Mediterranean style garage door consists of iron speakeasy grills like in the old days with a seedy type of glass that give the speakeasy doors a flare of antiquity and allows light into the garage's interior. Although the double car garage door rolls up, the iron forged dummy handles give it the appearance of a real carriage style door you can swing open by pulling the handles. Every tongue and groove slat is finished with a diamond iron clavo at each end to elaborate and establish a true Mediterranean style door!

The Carriage Doors, like all our out-swing doors, were built on a galvanized steel frame which is completely concealed within the construction of each carriage door slab. This construction prevents sagging over the years and ensures each carriage door set will last a lifetime. We don't build our carriage doors like they used to, we build them better! As you'll notice in this carriage door picture album the front and back of these Mediterranean style doors were fully finished including the same design you see in the front. Additionally, the speakeasy doors are completely functional and can be opened to allow breeze into the converted golf simulator garage. Our out-swing carriage doors are built as well and as functional as a regular front entry door system. They have full perimeter weather seal, thresholds and functional locking mechanisms complete with cane bolts and deadbolts that make them easy to operate.

Faux staining is truly an art our in-house finishers have mastered to achieve phenomenal results that only mother nature can do better. For this garage door and carriage door project we opted for a linear style grain similar to that of solid mahogany. Because the faux grain is hand-applied it simulates nature's variant grain structures and color differentiation. Over the years the clear coat will need maintenance but farther away into the future than natural wood. Our finish artists can achieve practically any stain color and in some cases even distress the composite materials and carefully hand paint the inconsistencies you would normally see in natural wood.

Overall, this Mediterranean style garage door and carriage door project was yet another success for our team of designers, craftsmen, artistic finishers and installation crew. This gorgeous home is nestled in Laguna Hills, CA but we can certainly do the same for you anywhere in California or ship to your home state or abroad. Call of us for prices on our custom garage doors and carriage doors!

Eco-Friendly Composite Garage Doors

Hand finished in a gorgeous faux wood grain, this custom composite garage door was designed in an authentic Mediterranean style. The real iron speakeasy grills over the the peephole windows, decorative iron clavos and hand-forged dummy pull handles bring the entire garage door design together quite beautifully. You would never guess this custom garage door was crafted in eco-friendly composite materials unless you were told. The advantages of composite materials is that they won't crack, bow or split over the years and the high resilience to the elements will prolong maintenance periods over the years.

Our composite garage doors are built with quality in mind that will pass the test of time and should last a lifetime should they be maintained correctly over the decades. We are able to finish our eco-friendly, composite garage doors in most any finish from solid paint colors to faux wood finishes such as  heart-grain wood finishes and even hand-distressed rustic finishes that will give you the appearance of real wood at a lower cost, longer lasting maintenance periods and high resilience to harsh weather exposure such as high heat, humidity and/or dry varieties.

Dynamic Garage Door designs and crafts world-class composite garage doors that will pass the test of time, give your home a curb appeal makeover and give you reliable functionality over the years. Contact us for pricing on our custom composite garage doors and more design ideas for your particular architectural home design in Orange County, CA.

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Composite Wood Carriage Garage Doors

Swinging carriage doors are a great solution for garages that have been converted to man caves, playrooms, home offices or art studios. They are easily operated by hand or motorized depending on your preference.

These custom designed Mediterranean style carriage doors were crafted in eco-friendly composite wood materials finished by hand in a faux-wood-stain to look like real wood. Composite wood materials for building carriage doors are especially beneficial in harsh climate environments because unlike some wood species they won't crack, bow or split when exposed to the elements. Maintenance is less frequent and the overall look is as close as it can possibly to real wood, in other words, if you didn't know our custom composite wood carriage doors were not real wood, you couldn't tell the difference!

These carriage doors were perfectly decorated with authentic architectural iron hardware which include speakeasy grills, iron-forged pulls and fully functional cane bolts and deadbolt with secure keyed entry. There are gorgeous diamond-shaped clavos at the end of each tongue and groove plank to further elaborate and establish its authentic Mediterranean Architectural Style!

Contact our design center in California today for our carriage door prices, turn around times and specific questions you might have about our nationwide shipping option.

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Carriage Doors for a Man Cave Garage!

Man cave converted garages are great because they re-purpose the conventional use of a garage to expandable liveable square footage. Our custom-made carriage doors are specifically designed and crafted to add functionality and enhance the exterior aesthetics of each project we work on. This particular man cave is in actuality a realistic golf simulator man cave room. From the exterior you would have never guessed it. The elegant Mediterranean style carriage doors stay true to the home's exterior architectural style while the functional carriage doors offer convenience and ease of use. These carriage doors feature fully functional speakeasy doors complete with decorative iron grills just like in the old days. The speakeasy doors can be opened to allow air into the man cave without having to open the entire door.

Built in composite materials and hand faux stained these carriage doors flow beautifully with the home's Mediterranean style. Additionally, we added decorative iron clavos and iron-forged pull handles to complete the whole look and feel of authentic Mediterranean doors.

Contact us for prices on our custom-made carriage doors!

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Garage Door Converted to Carriage Doors

Our custom-made carriage doors feature double sided finishing which makes them as beautiful inside as they look outside. These carriage doors are equipped with fully functional speakeasy doors and interior decorative hardware.Open the speakeasy windows to allow exterior air to ventilate the interior of the man cave converted garage or simply to see who's knocking outside. Handcrafted in faux stained composite materials, these carriage doors don't require frequent maintenance and will last a lifetime when maintained properly.

At Dynamic Garage Door, our carriage doors are not built like they used to, they're built better so do expect future generations to enjoy the beauty and durability of our custom made out swing carriage garage doors.

Contact us for pricing on our world-class composite carriage doors and how we can design a unique, one-of-a-kind set of carriage doors that will give your home character while giving you functionality and durability unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry.

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Mediterranean Style Garage Doors

Our Mediterranean style garage doors are custom designed and crafted to suit each home project we get to work on. This custom made carriage style Mediterranean garage door was crafted in composite wood materials to minimize the maintenance cycle and still showcase and enhance the home's authentic Mediterranean style. The garage door features authentic iron-forged dummy hardware which consists of decorative speakeasy grills, dummy pull handles and hammered diamond=shaped clavos. Finished in a hand-painted faux stain it really looks like a real wood garage door but without the maintenance attached to real wood garage doors. Additionally, because of the highly engineered composite materials used to manufacture this custom garage door there will be no cracking and/or splitting since the materials are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh weather elements.

Contact Dynamic Garage Door today for prices on our world-class Mediterranean Garage Doors and learn how we can specifically design a unique garage door for your home's architectural style and your personal taste!

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Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors!

Environmentally friendly garage doors have come a long way and thanks to our in-house designers we build them just as attractive as our real wood custom garage doors. Take for instance this custom designed Mediterranean style garage door which we crafted in composite materials for durability, low maintenance and high curb appeal. Our finish artists finish each of our composite faux stained doors by hand to replicate nature's complex natural wood grains.

Using authentically crafted decorative iron hardware on our custom garage doors make them an authentic architectural element. For this Mediterranean style garage door we used real iron speakeasy grills, hand-made clavo heads and iron-forged pull handles that make them seem like you can swing them open. It is quite amazing when you see our custom made garage doors roll up when you're eyes have been fooled to believe they are swinging carriage doors.

Although this custom Mediterranean garage door was specifically built for this Southern California home, we can replicate this design for you or our in-house designers can create a custom garage door design just for you!

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