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Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors!

Composite Wood Custom Designed Garage Doors & Real Carriage Doors

Environmentally friendly garage doors have come a long way and thanks to our in-house designers we build them just as attractive as our real wood custom garage doors. Take for instance this custom designed Mediterranean style garage door which we crafted in composite materials for durability, low maintenance and high curb appeal. Our finish artists finish each of our composite faux stained doors by hand to replicate nature's complex natural wood grains.

Using authentically crafted decorative iron hardware on our custom garage doors make them an authentic architectural element. For this Mediterranean style garage door we used real iron speakeasy grills, hand-made clavo heads and iron-forged pull handles that make them seem like you can swing them open. It is quite amazing when you see our custom made garage doors roll up when you're eyes have been fooled to believe they are swinging carriage doors.

Although this custom Mediterranean garage door was specifically built for this Southern California home, we can replicate this design for you or our in-house designers can create a custom garage door design just for you!