A Cor-ten Steel, Custom Garage Door Project in a Contemporary Style

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Los Angeles, CA - This custom corten steel garage door project was a unique Dynamic Garage Door creation for this Sherman Oaks residence. The architectural style of the home is quite eclectic with a strong flair of Japanese elements making it an architectural feat in the neighborhood.

When our garage door design team was presented with architectural drawings of the home excitement filled the room as the unique design of the home would give us the opportunity to flex our design muscles and create an innovative garage door design that would challenge conventional garage door design. The goal was to achieve an asymmetrical garage door design that would accentuate the home's curb appeal while harmonizing with the other architectural elements throughout the property. Corten steel was the perfect material of choice to work with given its rustic surface which weathers phenomenally over time and doesn't require any maintenance in the future. Our door designers decided to present a staggered horizontal panel look which broke the monotony of symmetry and enhanced the rustic feel of the home's exterior. The cor-ten steel paneling on the garage door was treated during manufacturing to speed up the corrosion process bringing out that vibrant rust color corten steel is known for. Large clear glass windows were added at the top of the door to allow ample daylight to illuminate the inside of the garage during the day. 

Cor-ten steel garage doors are absolutely dynamic as they can be used in old world, rustic architectural styles as well as modern and contemporary construction projects. Our in-house designers are quite innovative and can create a unique garage door design according to your specs. Call us today and find out how we can provide you with world-class designed garage door and gates for your unique architectural project.

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Cor-ten Steel Architectural Garage Doors

Los Angeles, CA - Cor-Ten steel garage doors are being introduced into the architectural world more frequently particularly in unique projects such as this naturalist paradise located in Sherman Oaks, CA. it is an absolute dream for sustained living individuals but, more specifically, focusing on the garage door that was designed and crafted by Dynamic Garage Door the uniqueness of this project is highly notable. The garage door's design is a minimalistic approach with asymmetrical lines that give the door a unique distinction while the rusting corten steel panels evoke a swift sense of the natural elements specifically when the sun's rays make the the rusty reds glow at dusk.

To accomplish unique architectural garage door designs our in-house designers have to feel, live and be enthusiastic about the project at hand. That being the case, each of our garage door projects is carefully studied for architectural correctness, dimensional accuracy and superior  craftsmanship and that is why our custom garage doors are highly acclaimed by discerning design connoiseurs around the globe.

For pricing on our custom cor-ten steel garage doors contact our design center at: (855) 343-3667

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Customized Cor-Ten Steel Garage Doors

Sherman Oaks, CA - This is a custom designed garage door crafted and designed in Cor-Ten Steel with specific guidelines to suit the architectural essence of this Los Angeles home. The rusted corten steel panels give the door a uniquely natural appearance with the glowing reds that shine through with the sun's rays. Since the home has a natural elemental feel to it, the natural corrosion of the corten steel panels will get better with time.

Clearly, this custom garage door was a unique project which exemplifies our design and manufacturing abilities. Our vast selection of materials is endless so that each garage door is a unique architectural creation made specifically for each client. Our designers and craftsmen work together to make each garage door project a success.

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Contemporary Style Corten Garage Doors

Crafted in Cor-Ten steel this custom garage door is a unique culmination of our designers' expertise in garage door design development. 

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Cor-Ten Steel Garage Door Design Ideas

Orange County, CA - Starting with conceptual garage door design renditions help our clients get a clear vision of what their garage door design will look like when completed. This is a realistic rendition of a corten steel garage door we designed and manufactured for a Sherman Oaks, CA residence. The door design features a staggered horizontal panel design and large windows at the top. Real cor-ten steel sheets cladding is used on the surface pre-treated to bring out the natural rust that gives cor-ten steel that unique red glow and rough textured surface. View the other images in this garage door project folder to see the project reveal and how close to the original garage door rendition the actual garage door looked like. 

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