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Cor-ten Steel Architectural Garage Doors

A Cor-ten Steel, Custom Garage Door Project in a Contemporary Style

Los Angeles, CA - Cor-Ten steel garage doors are being introduced into the architectural world more frequently particularly in unique projects such as this naturalist paradise located in Sherman Oaks, CA. it is an absolute dream for sustained living individuals but, more specifically, focusing on the garage door that was designed and crafted by Dynamic Garage Door the uniqueness of this project is highly notable. The garage door's design is a minimalistic approach with asymmetrical lines that give the door a unique distinction while the rusting corten steel panels evoke a swift sense of the natural elements specifically when the sun's rays make the the rusty reds glow at dusk.

To accomplish unique architectural garage door designs our in-house designers have to feel, live and be enthusiastic about the project at hand. That being the case, each of our garage door projects is carefully studied for architectural correctness, dimensional accuracy and superior  craftsmanship and that is why our custom garage doors are highly acclaimed by discerning design connoiseurs around the globe.

For pricing on our custom cor-ten steel garage doors contact our design center at: (855) 343-3667