Vintage Wood Garage Door in a Simple Modern Farmhouse Style

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Orange County, CA - This Modern Farmhouse remodel in Newport Beach, CA was recently completed with our custom handcrafted vintage wood garage door and decorative window shutters. Among other renovations throughout the home like the new landscaping and copper gutters it was screaming for custom designed garage doors and exterior shutters to create contrast and enhance some of the home's architectural features.

The garage door was handsomely crafted in a minimalist horizontal slat design to focus the attention to the vintage wood's naturally aged surface. The beautiful rustic grain mother nature carved on the surface throughout the decades is beautifully accentuated in every piece of salvaged lumber used to manufacture this vintage wood garage door. The different colors on the reclaimed wood pull instances of browns, grays and dim down the white exterior of the home's curb appeal. Though the vintage garage door was crafted in an ageless rustic style it boasts anything but antiquated since it is fully automatic, insulated and plays well with the home's modern farmhouse style

Most of the front elevation windows were beautifully fitted with custom crafted vintage wood shutters that extend the size of the windows while easing the eye from the dark color window frames to the super pure white walls of the exterior. The transition between the traditional farmhouse windows and modern exterior is exquisitely done by using the reclaimed wood shutters to ease into the various surface textures and finishes. The vintage wood shutters are a balancing architectural element that pull the home's curb appeal together with the dark colors of the roof, the landscaping and the neutral pure white of the home.

Creating one-of-a-kind vintage wood garage doors and matching shutters is an excellent way to reinforce a modern farmhouse style which often softens the cold appearance of some architectural elements which would give the home more of an industrial look instead of a warm, homey felling. We handpick each plank of reclaimed lumber to ensure proper coloration, structural integrity and longevity in the wood's new form--garage doors and shutters

Contact our Vintage Wood Garage Door & Shutter Design Center at (855) 343-3667 for a project cost analysis and/or design questions.

Farmhouse Vintage Wood Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - Our vintage wood garage doors are professionally handcrafted using exquisitely aged barn wood lumber discerningly reclaimed from real barns that are centuries old across the globe. Each vintage wood garage door we build begins with handpicked lumber from our various reclaimed wood sources who travel the the globe seeking only the finest reclaimed wood species still available today. This farmhouse style garage door was designed in a simple design with flush horizontal planks that give the aged surface of the reclaimed barn wood all the well-deserved attention it needs. Nature has done its job engraving the wood grain with beautiful ridges and a stunning vintage color that ties in well with the home's modern farmhouse style. Because our garage door designers and craftsmen work as a team, our vintage wood garage doors are highly acclaimed for project renovations that need an authentic curb appearance that enriches the home's architectural style to perfection!

Consult with our Vintage Wood Garage Door Designers today for a price and/or design on any of our custom-made reclaimed wood garage doors. Call: (855) 343-3667

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