Spanish Colonial Wooden Garage Doors in San Clemente, California

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Orange County, CA - This Spanish Colonial custom home is nestled within the ocean, hill and mountain views of San Clemente, CA with the appropriate slogan of "Spanish Village by the Sea" which depicts the city's Spanish Colonial architectural style.

Taking up most of the home's front elevation was the double car garage door which is the main focal point as you approach the property. Investing in a well-designed custom garage door that evoked that ageless Spanish Colonial style of the home became a priority. Because of our expertise in the authentic colonial architectural styles found all over Spain we were able to develop a phenomenal Spanish Style Garage Door that remained true to the Spanish Architectural heritage. The dark stained mahogany wood on the garage door created a traditional contrast against the white plastered walls while tying in harmoniously with the dark brown color of the eves and earthy color variations in the terracotta roof tiles. The wood garage door design is simplistic with a traditional tongue and groove vertical plank backing and perimeter trim pieces composed of stiles and rails. Since the garage door was specifically designed and crafted for this home the top trim on the garage door was crafted off an actual template taken from the garage door's opening so that a perfect match was achieved.

To enhance that gorgeous Spanish Colonial Architectural style of this wooden garage door we hand-forged truly authentic dummy iron hardware which included decorative ring pulls and strap hinges. The goal was to achieve a historic-looking garage door blended with the convenience and modern functionality of a roll-up garage door that is ingeniously operated with a handheld remote or using the resident's car HomeLink system which is standard on most luxury vehicles today!

Get prices and design ideas on our custom Spanish Colonial Garage Doors by contacting our design center today. We enjoy working with our clients individually to create one-of-a-kind custom garage doors that might make a few of the neighbors a bit jealous!

Handmade Spanish Garage Door Design

Orange County, CA - Spanish Garage Doors by Dynamic Garage Door are perfect to accentuate any Spanish Colonial style  home like this San Clemente, CA home that was completely renovated to its original glory.

Our custom Spanish style garage doors are beautifully handcrafted in solid, rustic woods to revive that Old World charm. Our decorative iron hardware is discerningly selected to meet the criteria of authentic European hardware that we still craft much in the same way it has been done for centuries. Our main focus with Spanish style garage doors is to maintain authentic design purity which make our custom Spanish garage doors as appealing as they are durable.

This front picture shows off the beauty of the dark stained mahogany wood we used on this custom garage door. The dark stain color exquisitely complements the wooden eves of the Spanish style house with its rustic terracotta.  We further elaborated the design using hand-forged ring pulls and decorative iron hinge straps that give you the illusion of out-swing carriage doors

Let us custom design your unique Spanish Style Garage Door, call our design team at (855) 343-3667, we do ship nationwide too!

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Spanish Colonial Style Garage Doors

San Clemente, CA - Selecting the right custom garage door design for your Spanish style home can increase your home's curb appeal dramatically. Our Spanish Style garage doors are elaborately designed and handcrafted to accentuate your Spanish home's architectural style by complementing some of the existing architectural elements. Keeping within the color and style of your home will make your custom garage door a great investment for years to come!

This gorgeous Spanish Colonial home in San Clemente was gorgeously fitted with a custom garage door by Dynamic Garage Door. The custom door features beautiful Spanish accents such as the decorative iron hardware which includes decorative iron hinge straps and ring pulls. The dark stained mahogany beautifully complements the dark wooden eves of the home and picks up on some of the tonalities on the terracotta roof tiles.

Get pricing on our custom-made Spanish Garage Doors at: (855) 343-3667

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Unique Custom Spanish Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - Spanish Colonial bungalows throughout California have become charming fixtures of California's architectural heritage. Our custom designed architectural garage doors are handsomely designed by our experienced in-house door designers to capture the charming beauty of yesteryear. Each Spanish garage door we craft is designed with the ultimate complementing result increasing the curb appeal of the home in question. 

Our Spanish Garage Doors are rivaled second to none because of their unique styling specifically made for each of our client's personal taste and existing home architectural elements. Take for instance, this San Clemente, CA Spanish Colonial home which was beautifully renovated to an authentically charming Spanish architectural style. The garage door features authentic European features such as the handmade iron hardware. Crafted out of solid African Mahogany wood, the custom garage door was masterfully finished in a dark toned stain to complement the existing home's eves and dark iron light fixtures found throughout the premises. 

Dynamic Garage Door is the Southern California leader in design and manufacturing of authentic Spanish Colonial Garage Doors. Our work is evident and highly acclaimed for its detailed beauty that makes each new project exquisitely appealing to the eye!

Call our Garage Door Design center at: (855) 343-3667 for pricing, local installation and/or out of state shipping options!

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