Santa Cruz, CA Spanish Style Garage Door & Matching Side Gate

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Situated about 75 miles south of San Francisco in the Monterrey Bay area this Spanish Style home is in the perfect setting for such a richly built custom home. The home features authentic Spanish Colonial architectural elements that made Dynamic Garage Doors the perfect fit to enrich the curb appeal of the frontal elevation. Our designers included iron-forged decorative hardware typically found in historical colonial doors throughout Spain on, both, the garage door and main entry gate.

The Spanish Style Garage Door features a subtle vertical tongue and groove slat design in vertical grain Doug fir that was beautifully finished in a hand-applied oil rub stain. This gave the wood an aged look that gave the garage door a distinctive look that naturally blended well with the other architectural elements found throughout the property. Long iron-forged decorative straps simulate real swinging carriage doors while the decorative iron clavos accentuate each plank much like the original old world doors in the old world colonial Spain. Though a simple design, the garage door beautifully and authentically enhances the curb appeal of the home with a genuine flair of European distinction.

Our designers also developed a custom design for the main entry gate which was made to match the finish of the garage door as well as borrowing some of the same architectural iron hardware used to decorate the garage door. The gate also features a vertical plank design with dummy iron hinges and iron clavos that decorate the simple tongue and groove slat design. Well equipped with a state of the art digital combination lock, the Spanish Style gate is timeless yet conveniently operated in today's security and ease of use standards. 

Dynamic Garage Door is often sought after for our authentic design skills which our in-house designers come up with by personal travels throughout Europe and other countries that were once colonized by the Spaniards and left behind a wealth of architectural influence. Adequately enough you'll find Spanish Colonial architecture throughout California, Texas, New Mexico and, of course, Mexico itself! If you're looking for authentic Spanish Colonial Style Garage Doors and Gates, Dynamic Garage Door is your true choice for real architectural garage doors that will enhance your home's curb appeal!

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