Reclaimed Barn Wood Garage Doors & Gates in a Unique Tuscan Design

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Orange County, CA - Dynamic Garage Door's Tuscan Style Garage Doors are discerningly crafted with attention to the authentic Tuscan architectural detail. We make sure that every Tuscan home we fit with custom garage doors have a unique essence to them while preserving that rustic appearance typically seen throughout the Tuscan countryside. We achieve this by using rustic woods of various species as well as uniquely handmade iron hardware which we design and fabricate ourselves.

This Tuscan style home was beautifully enhanced with custom vintage wood garage doors and gates in a rustic architectural style. Using reclaimed wood to build garage doors and gates in the Tuscan style further accentuate that charming old world style. For this particular project we used vertical grain Douglas fir reclaimed lumber to complement some of the home's existing features such as that solid beam above the garage door opening header. The reddish coloration of the reclaimed vertical Doug fir gives off a warm, inviting appearance that softens some of the harsher elements used on the construction of this Tuscan home. Beautiful iron window inserts in front of the antique seedy glass panes make a beautiful Tuscan statement while offering security. Additional decorative hardware such as the hammered head studs and ring pulls pull in the consistency of the other iron architectural elements throughout the home. All the decorative iron work on the garage door harmonizes well with the adjacent custom gates which were also built out of reclaimed barn wood and decorative iron inserts. 

Together, the garage door, custom gates, light fixtures and balcony railing tie in quite exquisitely giving this Tuscan home an authentic European look that will only improve over the years. The timeless design of the garage door and gates will most certainly remain true to their Tuscan style and last a lifetime. Our Tuscan garage doors are built to last just as long as the original ones found in Europe.

Consult with our in-house Tuscan Garage Door Designers and let us create the best looking reclaimed wood garage doors you have ever seen. Your home is your sanctuary and as such, it should look the part cordially inviting you in every time you drive up to your home!

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