Porch Shutters in a Bahama Beach Style Handcrafted in Orange County!

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Orange County, CA - Many beach side communities in the Southern California region enjoy summer-like weather all year long and, as such, home architectural styles are simple, laid back with a relaxing feel to them. Outdoor-indoor living is a way of life for many so exterior living as as important as indoor living. This traditional beach cottage in Costa Mesa was almost complete with its generously large porch at the front of the property; however, sometimes too much sun is not ideal for outdoor living so the solution was to add Bahama style shutters in the brow area between the porch columns to not only add protection from the sun but add curb appeal and architectural essence to the home.

The custom shutter design was an ingenious idea from the client who had a vision of what these shutters should look like. In collaboration with the client's kin eye for architectural design and our skilled craftsmen we were able to pull this project together to achieve an outstanding look that make heads turn. Handcrafted in solid wood, each louver was handcrafted to achieve a rich look that is evidence of the traditional craftsman charm and authentic design. To accentuate the shutters and add contrasting color interest, the shutters were finished in a Pistachio Ice Cream color that simply makes a magnificent statement against the existing neutral color scheme of the home. 

Custom shutter projects as well as garage door, gates and/or front doors are our specialty. We work on out-of-box projects that are unique and innovative as well. If you're looking for a uniquely different look for your home's garage doors, gates and/or shutters, together or  individually we can certainly help you achieve your vision whether you've got something in mind or would like us to suggest door design ideas!