Panoramic Accordion Door in Bronze Finished Steel and Clear Glass

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Orange County, CA - Panoramic accordion doors offer convenience, beauty and flexibility. Selecting the right functionality is of utmost importance so that the flow of foot traffic is seamless and natural. The right architectural design along with materials to be used will ensure that your accordion door system will integrate flawlessly with your home's style.

This Corona del Mar, CA accordion door conversion project consisted of an eight folding panel configuration in steel framing and clear glass panes. Five of the eight panels fold neatly to the right while the remaining three fold to the left for a smaller opening.  All panels can be folded away to create a seamless opening bringing the outdoors in and expanding the entertainment space during the warmer California days (practically all year). Should the weather become too windy, too cold or too hot the accordion door panels can be completely shut separating the exterior elements and allowing the air conditioning to control the interior environment.

Panoramic accordion patio doors are gaining popularity in high end home construction projects and renovations because of their versatility and beauty. Luxury homes with views of the ocean, waterfront properties etc. can take advantage of the natural surroundings by creating a nice, open space within the comfort of their living rooms. Optionally, we have also converted garage door openings from a regular tilt-up or overhead garage doors to accordion or bi-folding doors conveniently converting dead garage space into livable space for home offices, play rooms, home gyms, art studios, music rooms and the list goes on and on with witty ideas to turn a garage into a multipurpose room.

Call Dynamic Garage Door for a design and cost consultation on getting accordion patio doors for your home today! Our in-house designers will be more than happy to help you recreate new livable space within your home's existing architectural footprint. We will help you choose the right accordion door design, materials and colors that will fit best with your home's design.

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