Neoclassic Custom Coastal Style Garage Door in a Shutter Design

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Located in Newport Beach, CA's back bay, this neoclassic style home called for nothing less than a custom designed Dynamic Garage Door. Due to the exquisite design detailing throughout the custom home, the garage door design had to be nothing less than worthy of the main focal point as you approach the front elevation of the residence.

Resonating the elegant moldings, raised wall panels and neoclassic design elements was our main focus so that the architectural garage door would evoke that highly desirable sophisticated Hollywood architectural vibe. Hand-built out of environmentally sustainable composite wood materials ensures that the custom garage door will be resilient to moisture and salinity in the air given the waterfront location of the home.

The garage door design consists of perimeter decorative molding around the louvered paneling as well as the bottom raised panels. Having the raised panels at the bottom give the garage door design well-balanced weight towards the bottom while the real louvers throughout the top portion of the garage door design give an airy coastal feel similar to a Tommy Bahama design feel. Painted bright white to match the exterior casing completed the entire look of the garage. Coastal garage door designs such as these are found throughout Orange County and all throughout the golden state's coastal region.

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Coastal Custom Garage Door Design

The California coast has a variety of architectural home styles each with its own unique design flare. This coastal custom-built home required a dazzling garage door design that would blend in with its neoclassic style typically found throughout the mansions of Beverly Hills, CA. The custom garage door design features bottom raised panels with decorative molding surrounding the perimeter of the louvers and panels alike. Decorative details such as these are found throughout the home and so the garage door had to encompass some of these architectural elements as well. Though the garage door has an air of sophistication, the louvered top portion gives a flare of coastal architectural living. Handcrafted in composite wood materials will ensure this custom garage door lasts a lifetime as it will not bow, crack or split like real wood tends to do when exposed to the elements particularly in this case since the home is nestled right on the water in Newport Beach, CA's back bay region.

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Neoclassic Style Garage Door Design

This custom architectural garage door design is the perfect complement for this Neoclassic style California Coastal Home located in Newport Beach, CA. The garage door features architectural elements that are typical of neoclassical design. Beautiful raised panels adorn the bottom section of the door while the top two-thirds is composed of handcrafted louvers that simulate a shutter design while each panel section is embellished with gorgeous molding throughout the perimeter. These woodcraft details add depth, beauty and elegance that are typical features of neoclassical design.

The garage door was handcrafted in environmentally sustainable composite wood materials that will not crack, split or bow over the years. This will be a custom garage door design that will be enjoyed for generations to come!

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Newport Beach Shutter Garage Door

This custom designed louvered style garage door was uniquely designed for this neoclassic Newport Beach, CA. Every single detail was taken into account when designing and crafting this custom garage door. Borrowing the various architectural elements used on the rest of the home we were able to produce a one-of-a-kind truly authentic custom garage door design.

Since the garage door opening was exquisitely cased in with decorative molding to match the rest of the home's woodwork, the garage door had to showcase some of these existing elements as well. There is perimeter decorative molding throughout the garage door's design but want makes this garage door strikingly attractive is the real louvers that mimic a Tommy Bahamas' shutter style giving this garage door its coastal architectural styling. Using the raised panels at the bottom of the door gave it a beautiful flow with most of the aesthetic weight focused towards the bottom while the larger louvered portion of the door balances the ornate beauty of this architectural garage door.

To avoid cracking, splitting and bowing of the garage door in the future since the home is located right up against the bay, we handmade the door in eco-friendly composite wood materials that are resilient to the moisture and salinity in the air. This garage door, with proper maintenance, will last more than a lifetime! Let Dynamic Garage Door custom design a garage door specifically designed for your home!

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