Modern Industrial Style Garage Door Project in Reclaimed Barn Wood

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Located in Northern California, this industrial style home was built with a unique architectural design resembling a modern industrial theme with rustic materials such as corrugated steel, reclaimed lumber, exposed galvanized pipes and landscaping that blends into the rural surroundings of the home. It was only natural to use reclaimed wood garage doors to complement the home's style.

The project consisted of four separate garage doors, two doubles and two singles which we handcrafted in horizontal, staggered design to match the home's exterior reclaimed lumber siding. Each garage door was carefully planned to maximize the use of the reclaimed lumber that was available from the same lot that was used on the rest of the house to ensure consistency throughout the home's exterior. Each reclaimed wood plnak was individually milled for proper thickness and to interlock each one with a tongue and groove technique to ensure the wood will not come off the garage doors over the years. Piecing every piece together is done by hand so that only the best pieces are used on the actual garage door build itself. 

Just because the rustic garage doors look old, rugged and rustic doesn't mean they are antiquated. Each door was actually paired with state-of-the-art German manufactured automatic garage door openers that control the operation of the garage doors at the push of a button. They are also fully insulated and will keep the weather outdoors while the temperature inside the garage can be easily regulated with the home's heater and air conditioner system. 

Take a look at this modern industrial home's photo gallery and see why Dynamic Garage Doors are highly acclaimed for high end luxury home construction projects. The quality and technology we apply to our custom-made garage doors is immediately evident and justify the investment.

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