Modern Garage Doors in a Simple Minimalist Design for a Luxury Home

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Orange County, CA - Working on modern garage door projects with high-end custom home builders is always a great pleasure particularly when the reveal day finally comes. Our experience in the custom home building process and engaging early on in the process yields outstanding results with our custom garage doors designed accurately to complement the home's exterior curb appeal. We work with many custom home builders to achieve results that make stunning results. Our custom designed garage doors, entry doors, pedestrian and driveway gates just seem a natural part of each new home's construction.

Galatea Terrace is one of our favorite modern garage door projects as it is a stunning property where the custom garage doors are one of the first exterior features you see when you first admire the property's curb appeal. For this project, we used solid mahogany wood overlays on the garage doors.  A smooth modern design that suits the home's style beautifully featuring a simple line design. The modern style garage doors were hand stained to match the roof line eves and siding used on different areas of the residence. The warmth of the wooden garage doors and entry doors are a homey welcome to the home's lavish interiors. The custom garage doors feature nine inch wide horizontal wooden planks with half inch square grooves that give the simple design a subtle linear definition. 

This custom-built home is absolutely stunning complete with our custom garage doors that give the home's curb appeal an exquisite modern architectural appearance. Our in-house garage door designers would love to work with you, your architect or designer and be part of your home's construction with our world-class modern garage doors. When other say it can't be done, we simply beg to differ! Contact us at: (855) 343-3667 today!

Modern Curb Appeal With Garage Doors!

Orange County, CA - Achieving a modern curb appeal with our custom designed wood garage doors can easily be achieved when consulting our in-house garage door designers. These solid mahogany garage doors in a simple modern design were beautifully handcrafted in a horizontal plank design. The minimalistic modern garage door design harmonizes will with the home's simple modern lines. Staining the garage doors in a warm color not only shows of the luxurious grain of the natural wood but also adds warmth to the home's exterior. Nothing makes a home more inviting than natural wood elements and in modern design it is necessary to find a good balance of inviting warmth as it can be a bit cold if the use of materials is not taken into account. Adding wooden garage doors to this modern home definitely did the trick making the home look inviting yet modern and quite luxurious too!

Let our garage door designers help you develop a modern garage door design that will complement your home's style or let us know what some of your ideas are, we can help you reach that balance and ultimate modern curb appeal you're looking for!

Call (855) 343-3667 for a design and/or price consultation on our custom made modern garage doors!

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Custom Designed Modern Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - Opting for custom designed garage doors can make a significant improvement to your home's appearance. Our modern garage doors are custom designed and manufactured to suit your home's architectural lines to perfection. Because of our expertise in the garage door design and manufacturing industry, our custom garage doors are often seen in upscale homes such as this luxury residence in Newport Beach, CA.

Although the garage doors are simple they evoke every sense of modernism this custom home deserved. The modern garage doors feature a wide plank horizontal design with a half inch square groove between each plank to add interest and definition to the solid wood planks that were beautifully stained in a warm color that make the home quite inviting. Since the high end home radiates nothing but luxury the simplicity of the custom garage doors resonates that modest luxurious feel that is felt throughout the home's grounds. Paired with whisper quiet electric openers, the garage doors open swiftly hardly making a sound as they travel up and down the track. The beauty of our custom designed modern garage doors is that they are fully insulated helping regulate the temperature inside the garage and blocking any exterior sounds from entering the home through the garage

Find out what our garage door designers can create for your modern home today! Call (855) 343-3667 for a price and design consultation on new modern garage doors for your home.

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Orange County Modern Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - Achieve the look of luxury with custom designed modern garage doors for your home. The right custom garage door design will be worth the investment because of the impact it will have on the curb appeal of your home. 

This modern garage door project featured a double and a single car garage door designed in a simple, elegant design to accentuate the home's architectural style. The custom garage doors were handcrafted in solid mahogany wood based on a horizontal plank design. The wide mahogany planks were custom milled in nine inch wide boards separated with a tongue and groove technique with a square modern square groove separation. Our modern garage doors were handsomely stained in a deep warm color that give the modern home a welcoming homey feel. Based on our trajectory and project successes we are often commissioned by savvy architects and home builders to provide our design and craftsmanship expertise for new custom home constructions or high end renovations. Let us give your home the look of luxury with new custom garage doors, gates, shutters and/or entry door systems!

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Wood Garage Doors for a Modern Home

Orange County, CA - Modern home design revolves around simple, elegant lines and as such our modern garage doors are designed to complement these basic architectural details. This upscale modern home required custom garage doors that would add aesthetic correctness to the curb appeal while adding function and a warming element that would make the home feel inviting. The modern garage doors, gates and entry doors all featured a wide plank horizontal design in solid mahogany wood. Every door was beautifully stained in a warm color that brought out the beauty of the natural grain and color of the natural wood. Keeping these design and color details consistent throughout the exterior made the custom garage doors a natural fit with the home's front elevation. Handcrafted to perfection, the modern wood garage doors make up a great portion of the home's curb appeal square footage so the investment was clearly a wide decision!

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