Mediterranean Carriage Garage Doors Custom-Made by Hand

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Orange County, CA - Southern California is the basking nest for some of the world's most luxurious Mediterranean architectural homes. As such, these custom homes require the best in design, craftsmanship and exclusivity. Dynamic Garage Door handcrafts high quality garage doors for these homes in many configurations and materials to suit the project at hand.

These custom-made mahogany garage doors feature a rich stain that bring out the vibrant beauty of the mahogany wood grain with such glamorous beauty that evoke design admiration from discerning connoisseurs. Beautiful hand-carved pyramid panels beautifully decorate the bottom portion of the door while the hand-forged hardware accessorizes the rest of the garage door with authentic European charm. These are all architectural elements that we borrow from authentic Mediterranean villas found throughout Europe. The lion head knockers are an exquisite example of what one might find in real old world doors in the Mediterranean coast. Furthermore, the hand-twisted iron pulls at the center of the garage doors provoke rich authenticity that make our custom garage doors appear as though they can be swung open. What a surprise to see them roll up at the push of a button!

Imagine the pleasure of driving up to your home every single day as you are welcomed by your custom-made garage doors in an authentic Mediterranean style! Our garage door designers are highly skilled and can recreate a unique garage door design for you or replicate one of our previous garage door designs. Contact our door designers at (855) 343-3667 and find out what Dynamic Garage Door can do for you!

Mediterranean Garage Door Design Ideas

Huntington Beach, CA - Are you building or remodeling a custom Mediterranean home and can't find the right garage door design for it? Let our in-house garage door designers create a custom garage door design that will make your neighbors turn green with envy!

Manufacturing unique garage doors that are truly customized to your home is our specialty, Our door designers and craftsmen work together exchanging ideas and collaborating on each and every custom garage door project we deliver. This custom-built Huntington Beach, CA home was beautifully built in a Mediterranean style sparing almost no detail. Selecting the right garage door design was of essence as the doors take up a great portion of the front elevation. The garage doors had to be exquisite to full extent of the word including a fine wood selection, authentic iron hardware and a rich finish that would make the natural wood grain pop with beauty! Since the home's garages were built with arches it was important to resonate and match those arches when manufacturing the garage doors. Beautiful hand-crafted iron hardware such as the lion head knockers and iron pulls were incorporated into the design to accentuate that authentic old world charm found in many historical doors throughout the Mediterranean coast. Hand stained and triple layer clear coat sealant were used to capture the beauty of the natural wood's grain. Together all these elements  were tied together to harmonize with the home's existing architectural elements such as the light fixtures and balcony railings found throughout the property.

Dynamic Garage Doors are the perfect fit for any custom built home and/or remodel as each garage door project is specifically built for that home. Proportions, wood stain selections and hardware pieces are carefully selected so that our custom garage doors look like they naturally belong to the property and not an after-thought that would simply create conflict with the home's curb appeal. 

If you're looking for authentically designed garage doors for your home, consult with our garage door designers and find out what your home could look like with real designer doors by Dynamic Garage Door. Call our California office for pricing on local projects or our international shipping option!

Toll free:  (855) 343-DOOR | (855) 343-3667

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Garage Doors in a Mediterranean Design

Orange County, CA - Here's a custom built Mediterranean style home in Huntington Beach, CA that was exquisitely fitted with custom-made Dynamic Garage Doors. The garage door design features a traditional European style with opulent architectural lines handcrafted by hand. Traditional iron-forged hardware was exquisitely used to embellish the look and feel of the custom garage doors giving them an authentic Mediterranean feel.

The custom garage doors themselves were handcrafted in solid mahogany wood with a gorgeous deep stain color that brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. The bottom panel is a single piece of lumber hand-carved to give it its luxurious look and longevity. Our custom Mediterranean garage doors are built with every detail and quality care that those old world doors found in the Mediterranean were once built. This attention to  detail and high level of craftsmanship separate Dynamic Garage Doors from the rest. Our custom garage doors give you the look, feel and durability those historical European doors have left for generations to enjoy!

Our door designers' understanding of old world architectural door design charm is evident in each and every project we work on. Our skilled craftsmen know the ins and outs of traditional woodworking while our finishers work wonders with the final product which is beautifully revealed when our garage doors are finally installed. Please contact our design center in California for more information or if you have any questions on your particular custom garage door project. We can provide you with pre-existing garage door design ideas or develop a unique design just for you!

Garage Door Design Center:  (855) 343-3667

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Mediterranean Carriage Garage Doors

Custom built and/or historical homes deserve custom designed garage doors worth their original architectural glory. This Southern California Mediterranean style home was beautifully accessorized with gorgeous wood garage doors in solid mahogany wood. Gorgeous raised diamond panels at the bottom add the perfect weight to the luxurious garage door design. The extra beefy stiles and rails and wide tongue and groove planking give the garage doors greater presence and beauty that harmonizes with the home's Mediterranean architectural style including the iron balcony railing and light fixtures found throughout the home.

The garage doors show a stunning natural wood grain that was accentuated with the custom wood stain and triple layer sealer used to finish the exterior of the garage doors. To ensure the bottom pyramid panel endures the test of time, our craftsmen hand-carved each panel out of a solid piece of lumber rather than piecing together hollow boards. Our attention to high quality craftsmanship and authentic old world design make our world-class garage doors exquisitely unique and eye-catching. 

Our custom Mediterranean garage doors add beauty to any home's exterior while raising the resale value of each property not to mention the years of satisfaction they give each client as they drive up to their truly authentic designed garage doors. Dynamic Garage Doors are not just garage doors, they are architectural elements that improve and make up the entire identity of a home's curb appeal.

Find out what our custom garage door designers can create for you or work with us on a project you have envisioned so that we can put it together for you and make it a reality! Consult with our California Design Department at (855) 343-3667.

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Luxury Mediterranean Garage Doors

Huntington Beach, CA - Luxury garage doors increase the curb appeal and property value of any home due to their large frontal elevation proportions and dominating presence. This newly built Mediterranean beauty located in Southern California was beautifully complemented with custom-made Dynamic Garage Doors in solid wood construction. 

The luxurious Mediterranean style of the home allowed for an exquisite European style door design that feature gorgeous iron hardware that further accentuates that opulent Mediterranean style. Handcrafted in solid mahogany the custom garage doors show off the beautiful natural wood grain with a hand-applied wood stain sealed with three layers of clear coat to deepen and protect the wood. The lion head ring pulls on each side of the garage doors beautifully enhance that look of luxury you would expect form a Mediterranean Villa. Furthermore, the bottom pyramid panel is actually carved out of a solid piece of lumber to ensure its integrity and durability.  All these fine details ensure that our authentic Mediterranean Garage Doors will not only give you the look of European door luxury but the longevity to enjoy for generations to come.

Our garage door designers enjoy working on new and challenging garage door projects. Let us know what you have in mind or bring that picture you took on your last trip to Europe and let us develop a garage door design that will resonate that charming European door design you captured in your memoirs.

Custom Garage Door Inquiries at:  (855) 343-3667

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