Custom-Made Carriage Style Garage Door Conversion in Los Angeles, CA

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San Marino, CA - This carriage garage door conversion was exquisitely designed for this upscale home to accommodate a game room and entertainment area that widely expands into the home's backyard gardens. Since the garage was rarely used to park in converting it into usable livable space instantly increased the home's square footage without major construction. Our carriage door design team quickly grasped the home owner's vision and fused it with the home's architectural Tudor style to create an amazing carriage door set that added function, beauty and distinction to an otherwise unused part of the house.

When we set out to design carriage door conversions for our clients we take into consideration three major components. The first is capturing the client's envisioned goal in terms of functionality. The second component is the client's personal style and, third, the home's authentic architectural style. Fusing these three items together make our custom carriage doors highly desirable and a natural fit for the home project we are working on. 

For this carriage garage door conversion we looked closely at the home's Tudor style. We implemented a cross buck design on the carriage door panels to tie in with the exterior beams of the home's structure. Beautiful windows were added at the top to bring in natural light into the game room converted garage area. We design and manufacture our carriage door windows in the traditional way with individual glass panes that are truly divided with individual mullions, most manufacturers out there will cut corners by doing a single piece of glass on the back and a simple faux grill on the front to simulate individual panes. To finish off the look we painted the carriage doors in a pure white color that accentuates the fine craftsmanship that went into the construction of the carriage doors. The installation included framing and casing of the carriage doors for a complete finished look!

We take great pride in applying some of the best features of traditional carriage doors with the added convenience of perimeter weather sealing just like our front doors. This makes our carriage garage doors perfect for garage conversions, particularly for retaining air conditioning values and keeping the elements outside of the garage conversion. Let Dynamic Garage Door monetize the value of your home by converting your garage into functional, livable space beautifully finished with our custom-designed, high quality carriage doors!

Call our Orange County Carriage Door Design Studio at (855) 343-3667 for prices on our custom carriage doors.