Arts & Crafts Custom Craftsman Style Garage Doors in Solid Wood

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Authentic craftsmanship is evident in our custom wood garage doors. Each door is intricately crafted by hand to achieve a refined architectural garage door. The Arts & Crafts style garage doors featured in this project were designed with a unique window design consisting of a clear glass diamond surrounded by individual glue chip glass panes to accentuate this unique feature. 

Our traditional Craftsman style garage doors stand alone in the garage door industry because of their design authenticity, quality craftsmanship and formidable finishing techniques. Every one of our custom garage doors is indisputably unique and attractive because of their architectural correctness and high quality craftsmanship. These Arts & Crafts garage doors feature designer style windows with an embedded diamond pattern glass pane that was fitted with clear glass while the surrounding glass panes were done in glue chip glass. Using two types of designer glass types accentuate the center diamond glass piece. The windows are true divide which means each piece of glass is independent and not just a single piece of glass with a window insert overlay. We find that the greater things in designing garage doors are the details and that is why Dynamic Garage Doors are unique!

To get prices on our custom made garage doors please contact our design department at (855) 343-3667.

Custom Garage Door Diamond Windows

Orange County, CA - Carriage style garage doors are renowned for their timeless architectural design that has surpassed the test of time. These three custom wood garage doors feature a unique window design which consists of traditional carriage door windows with an integrated diamond center piece. To accentuate the diamond glass pane in the middle we used clear glass while the surrounding glass panes were done in glue chip glass. The contrast between the different designer glass options was borrowed from the existing front door.

Crafted in solid Mahogany wood, these custom-made carriage doors were a perfect curb appeal upgrade on this traditional style home. The fine craftsman lines and traditional craftsmanship genuinely harmonize with the the home's existing architectural elements.

For prices on our custom designed and handcrafted wood garage doors please contact our design center. Our in-house designers are well-rounded in the creation of world-class garage door designs!

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Solid Wood Carriage Style Garage Doors

Orange County, CA - These unique Craftsman style garage doors were handmade in solid mahogany with false arches that resonate the existing architectural arches seen throughout the front elevation of the house. The glass pane configuration includes a uniquely centered diamond design while each glass piece is cut to precision and divided with real dividing mullions as you would expect from the traditional craftsmanship. The honey stain used to finish the doors gave this home an inviting feel that soften the harshness of the brick and mortar. Replacing the old steel garage doors with custom made wood garage doors made a huge impact to the curb appeal of the home. The garage doors added character, beauty and value to the home simply by adding architectural garage doors designed and crafted by Dynamic Garage Door of Orange County, CA.

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Craftsman Garage Door Window Design

Craftsman style garage door windows can be crafted in numerous unique arrangements such as these uniquely arranged glass panels with a center diamond glass pane. Our in-house designers created this traditional craftsman garage door window design with a flare of the Arts & Crafts architectural movement by adding a beautifully centered diamond glass feature. The surrounding glass panes were done in a designer glue chip glass to add contrast, interest and accentuate the diamond feature in the middle of the window cluster. Dynamic Garage Doors handcrafted these glass panes much in the same way they have been done for over a century. Each piece of glass is independently fitted with true dividing mullions so that the high standards of quality from yesteryear are passed on to future generations through each custom garage door we manufacture.

Selecting garage door window designs on our custom garage doors is never limited and our designers make sure that each one of our clients get what they have envisioned. Because we are a true full-custom garage door design and manufacturing company you can rest assured that selecting window design options will be a breeze as well as an authentically unique feature of your new custom wood garage doors!

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Custom Craftsman Style Garage Doors

Laguna Niguel, CA - Craftsman architecture is highly acclaimed for its clean lines and timeless beauty. These custom carriage garage doors were designed in a traditional craftsman style with a unique top glass panel design. The glass panel features true-divided mullions that separate each piece of designer glass separately; in other words, the garage door window design is not a grill but an authentically crafted glass pane cluster as in traditional craftsman architecture. For this garage door project we used solid mahogany stained in a light caramel color that bring out the beauty of the wood's grain structure. The arched windows at the top of the garage door resonate the home's existing architectural arched elements while the diamond glass design in the middle of the garage door windows make these craftsman garage doors unique and a focal interest on the curb appeal of this Orange County home. Let our in-house designers come up with a unique garage door design for your home and our highly skilled craftsmen manufacture a world-class garage door that will increase your home's curb appeal and add value to your property for generations to come!

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Custom Manufactured Garage Doors

Los Angeles, CA - As the premier custom garage door design and manufacturing company in the United States, we achieved unrivaled designs and manufacturing techniques that are highly desirable in the high-end custom home building market. We take absolute pride and joy in creating one-of-a-kind garage door designs that are timeless and we build them to last for generations to come.

These custom carriage garage doors were handsomely designed in a traditional Craftsman style that evoke tradition, beauty and quality. The overlay solid wood materials are handpicked for grain perfection and structural durability. Our craftsmen manufacture each one of our garage doors by hand making sure at each and every step of the manufacturing process to achieve the utmost highest quality and architectural perfection. There is no other manufacturer in the market who offers the level of customization, skilled craftsmanship and world-class design that we do and that is why our custom garage door projects are absolutely stunning and different than the rest.

These three single car garage doors feature beautiful arched window cluster on the top panel with designer glass variations of glue chip for the perimeter window panes and clear glass for the diamond centerpiece. Combined with our luxurious finishing techniques, these craftsman style garage doors are the envy of the neighborhood. Our custom craftsman garage doors added curb appeal to this Laguna Niguel home while returning the investment on the resale value of the property.

Dynamic Custom Garage Doors are more than just garage doors, they are an architectural investment that improve home value and offer a lifetime of enjoyment and durability. Let one of our designers create a jaw-dropping architectural garage door design that will have the neighbors talking for a long time!

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Quality Door Craftsmanship Inside & Out

Dynamic Garage Doors are built with the highest standards of quality in mind. These craftsman style garage doors are well-crafted inside and out including our six side finishing which means they are finished on every side. 

Notice the mullions that true-divide each glass pane on the window panels. Each piece of glass is independently cut to size much like in traditional Craftsman standards. These details are often overseen but are some of the most highly appreciated features of a true craftsman's detailed work. Dynamic Garage Doors are simply high quality all the way around and any way you look at them. The seemingly unimportant details are the most important to us and our discerning clients.

Consult with our in-house designers and learn more about the details that distinguish our custom made garage doors.

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Inside Our Custom Wood Garage Doors

Dynamic Garage Doors are quality inside and out. This is one of our custom wood garage door installations in Laguna Niguel, CA. Every angle of our custom garage doors is completely finished, stained and detailed to achieve a luxurious and high-quality result that will last a lifetime and give our clients ownership pride as well as enjoyment every time they drive into their homes through a real Dynamic Garage Door. Notice the authentic window mullions that divide each piece of glass independently instead of using a cheap grill on top of a single piece of glass.

Our custom garage doors are an investment for life and that is why we take great pride in perfecting our manufacturing and installation techniques so that we not only give you the look of high-end garage doors but actually deliver high-quality garage doors that will  last a lifetime. We make sure that all the materials that go into building our custom garage doors are of prime choice. No one else takes pride and ownership of the final result and lifetime satisfaction of our custom designed garage doors like we do and that is why affluent homeowners, custom home builders and discerning designers always select Dynamic Garage Doors for their home renovations or custom home construction projects.

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High Quality Mahogany Garage Doors

Real quality Mahogany garage doors are hard to find. Many semi-custom garage door manufacturers build so-called mahogany garage doors out of veneered pieces of board that have merely a sliced of mahogany wood on the surface.

Our custom mahogany garage doors such as these craftsman style carriage doors are made out of solid garage door overlays that will last a lifetime. We strive to preserve the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that have been carried through generations of skilled woodworkers. Each custom garage door built in our facility is crafted by hand using only the highest grade of lumber available in the market. The results of combining true craftsmanship and authentic solid wooden materials is evident in each of our custom garage door projects. Take a look at these solid Mahogany garage doors with their gorgeous arched windows and diamond center piece. The glass separations are real and when you look at the door from inside the garage you'll see the mullions that separate each piece of glass.

We pair our custom, handmade garage doors with the latest in automation from activating device manufacturers such as Liftmaster and Marantec so that every one of our garage doors stays true to their old world identity while offering the convenience of the modern world's automation systems. Our in-house designers can help you create a one-of-a-kind garage door design that will fit your home beautifully while improving the resale value and offering you generations of durability and architectural beauty!

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