Architectural French Garage Doors, Garden Gates and Exterior Shutters

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Orange County, CA - Create a unique French Chateau style architectural look on your home with our custom-made garage doors, garden gates and exterior decorative shutters.Our French Door designers have vast experience in creating one-of-a-kind European style garage doors, garden gates and shutters that will give your home a rich, architectural appearance.

This French style architectural project located in Orange Coutny, CA consisted of various exterior elements including custom French garage doors, French shutters and French garden gates. Several shades of gray were used as well as variant shutter and gate designs, that although uniquely different, played off of each other's styling to create a consistently interesting curb appeal throughout the home's exterior. 

Using authentic French style iron hardware on the garage doors enhanced that rich architectural style you would expect from an authentic French Door. Beautiful strap hinges with fleur de lis finials were placed a teach side of the French garage doors to create a carriage-door-like appearance. The exquisite French style ring pulls on the custom garage doors were imported from Europe further enhancing the beauty of French architecture. The crossbuck design of the French garage doors is an ubiquitous architectural feature found in many architectural details of French architecture. Large window panes at the top with individual mullions are a rich feature used for centuries in French door design and manufacturing. Altogether, the colors, decorative hardware and European styling make these custom French Garage Doors standout with delicately fashionable style!

The exterior garden gates of this French Chateau home were uniquely designed in two different designs. Each custom gate was authentically crafted in the same fashion they have been built for centuries. Each French garden gate has a beautiful French style arch beautifully equipped with gorgeous French style gate hardware with fleur de lis decorative finials that accentuate that authentic European style you would expect from a real antique architectural gate design. The entry courtyard gate features exquisite pewter hardware and window grill inserts. This makes the entry gate standout from the rest, creating a luxurious invitation into the French Castle style home. The other side gates still featured beautiful French hardware in heavy duty iron that will last for centuries to come!

Since not detail was spared on this French style home's exterior curb appeal, we designed and crafted three different style shutters that you would typically find on an evening stroll through the historical streets of France. We used louvered French shutters for the garage windows which still allowed enough light to come into to the garage but added privacy and screened off the bright lights at night reaching the exterior of the home bringing attention to the wrong part of the home. The balcony French doors were all fitted with exquisitely designed French shutters featuring elegant raised panels and over sized fleur de lis iron hinges complete with hand-forged shutter dogs and decorative iron slide locks. Other windows of the French style house were beautifully enhanced with single-raised-panel shutters with centrally set s-scroll shutter dogs that accentuated that unique French Chateau style we wanted to achieve.

This project was the epiphany of a real French Chateau that Marie Antoinette herself would have envied. So much detail went into the exterior face-lift of this modern day French Chateau that 50 shades of gray falls short from the level of intricacy that went into the detailing of the custom garage doors, garden gates and decorative shutters that resonated nothing less than authentic French architectural style!

Let our French Garage Door Designers recreate the beauty of yesteryear by elevating the appearance of your modern day French Chateau! Call us now at: (855) 343-3667