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Modern Style Composite Garage Door

Modern, ECO-Friendly Composite Wood Garage Doors & Entry Door

Visalia, CA - Located in the Central Valley this newly constructed modern home features custom garage doors by Dynamic Garage Door. In this photo you can see the double car garage door with its horizontal slat design and asymmetrically placed window panes. The windows features a silver colored frame and white laminate glass for privacy. The stainless steel pergola above the garage door ties in beautifully with the window frames of the custom garage door. Placing the windows off to the side adds a modern twist to the curb appeal of the home.

The custom garage door was handcrafted in composite wood materials, faux-finished by hand to simulate real wood.  There are many advantages in building composite garage doors such as the fact that they won't crack, bow or split.  Maintenance is substantially less on composite custom garage doors as opposed to real wood garage doors. Composite garage doors are typically a great choice for harsh weather environments where the temperature and humidity changes drastically between the seasons.

Call our Garage Door Design Center today for pricing and design consultation. Let's explore your options and build you the most gorgeous garage doors you've ever seen! (855) 343-DOOR