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Matching Modern Garage Doors & Gates

Los Angeles Custom Garage Door and Gate Project in a Modern Design

Los Angeles, CA - Exterior doors play a major role in giving your home architectural style and authentic design. Selecting the right garage door and exterior gate design can be challenging and shouldn't  be taken lightly. At Dynamic Garage Door our focus is to create complementing garage doors and gates custom-designed for each home's unique architectural style.

For this Southern California home originally built in the 60's we custom-designed a complementing entry gate and garage door that gave the home a stunning upgrade! The modern entry gate and garage door share some of the same elements to tie them together but each with a unique styling that breaks the monotony of the home's curb appeal. 

The garage door is handcrafted in solid wood horizontal planking with modern steel-framed windows. Finishing the wood planks in a dark satin make the silver colored steel window frames pop beautifully against the dark tones of the wood. Using white laminate glass for the window panes add privacy while allowing natural light to brighten up the interior. The silver window frames on the garage door are borrowed from the entry gate which is built in steel and white laminate glass. This subtle touch ties the garage door with the front entry gate without becoming monotonously matching. 

The entry courtyard gate design features steel and glass construction in a symmetrically modern design that adds a unique distinction to the home's entryway. The silver steel frame blends in beautifully with the white laminate glass panes. Using white laminate glass gives the gate an airy feel while offering privacy inside the the courtyard area. The steel frame is arranged in a stunning modern configuration that accentuates the home's entrance. Equipped with an electric strike release the gate can easily be unlocked for guests using the home's access system. 

Our modern garage doors and gates are authentically designed to suit each home's unique style. Investing in Dynamic Garage Doors and Gates adds functionality, beauty and value to your home. Consult with our in-house designers with your custom door project, we can create something new or work off your architectural drawings or personal ideas.