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Custom Designed & Crafted Entry Gates

Los Angeles Custom Garage Door and Gate Project in a Modern Design

Los Angeles, CA - Entryways to a home are like first impressions on an interview, you only get one chance to get it right and get your guests' approval. An custom entry gate system can make your home look architecturally fashionable while easing and controlling foot traffic of welcomed guests and undesired solicitors.

This custom glass and metal entry gate resembles, both, beauty and safety upon entering the front gate courtyard. The modern design is beautifully done in a silver coated frame with white laminate glass panes that offer a sense of airiness as well as privacy. Beautifully finished nickel plated modern entry handles fully equipped with electric strike release conveniently operated from inside the residence to allow or deny access to oncoming guests.

This custom entry gate system was specifically designed for the home's existing architectural style while adding an air of modern taste that flows beautifully throughout the home's front elevation. Our custom gates are unique and highly acclaimed internationally for their unique beauty and quality!