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Before: An Exposed and Useless Carport

Custom Wood Garage Door for A Sloping Ground Carport Conversion

A useless carport area can be converted into a functional garage, complete with functional automatic garage door and fully enclosed. Carport conversions not only add curb appeal to a home but can increase property value and add additional, usable square footage that can be listed when the property is sold at a later date.

The space under this home was used as nothing more than an exposed carport for decades since the original construction was finalized. It offered absolutely no secure storage area for cars, tools, etc. and worst of all, it was hindering the curb appeal of this gorgeous Mid Century Modern home. One of the challenges the owner faced was the lopsided, awkwardly sloping ground that prevented the carport conversion to become a reality. After close examination of the project, our in-house designers came up with a working solution that offered not only a functional garage door but an architecturally-correct garage door design that blended well with the home's Mid Century Style. The wood garage door was crafted with a slanted bottom section to accommodate the sloped angle when fully closed. Achieving this design aspect plus the functional portion of the custom garage door was a challenge but not an impossible task for our garage door designers, craftsmen and installation technicians.

Once complete, this useless carport area was fully enclosed with glass walls and a fully functional Dynamic Garage Door with a fine-lined design that harmonized well with the Mid Century Modern style of the home. The wooden planking was stained an ipe-like color to coordinate with the existing color scheme and uplifting the curb appeal and overall value of the home. Now the homeowner can enjoy a private, enclosed garage to safely park inside and store all sorts of tools and items behind closed doors. On the exterior the new garage door simply looks like it was part of the home's original plans.

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