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Wooden Carriage & Garage Door Project

Tuscan Style Carriage Doors & Wood Garage Doors in Sonoma, CA!

Sonoma, CA - A matching overhead garage door and automatic carriage door project in a rustic Tuscan style by Dynamic Garage Door. This is one of our many successful garage door and carriage door projects that achieved the look, feel and functionality of what true custom carriage garage doors should be!

Our custom-made carriage doors and garage door complement the Tuscan style home and softens the harshness of the stone and metal roof. Furthermore, the rustic finish of the wood and hand-forged decorative hardware further enhance that old world traditional Tuscan architecture that is highly acclaimed for its richness and use of natural elements found in the rolling hills of Tuscany where for hundreds of years some of the world's finest wines have been produced. Now, rivaling and reaching world recognition is California's very own Sonoma County wineries which have embraced the beauty and architectural styles of Tuscany's legendary old world

Although our custom-made carriage garage doors capture every sense of Tuscany's old world carriage doors they are ingeniously paired with modern convenience by using electric carriage door motors that operate our doors by pressing a button. Our carriage doors can be done in real out-swing carriage door formats or conventional roll-up doors depending on your needs. This project; however, has both choices which make it an outstanding architectural feat that was crowned with our authentic, handmade carriage doors!

Call our design center for more information on these custom garage doors or to inquire about your own custom project. (855) 343-3667