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Tuscan Garage Doors & Carriage Doors

Tuscan Style Carriage Doors & Wood Garage Doors in Sonoma, CA!

Sonoma, CA - This is a set of custom designed garage doors for a Tuscan style garage building. The single-car garage is equipped with real out-swing motorized carriage doors. Authentic Tuscan style hardware was used to enhance that rustic architectural style. Beautiful iron pull handles that are decorative but could easily be used by hand if needed suggest one might pull these gorgeous doors open. Using antique seedy glass for the windows with a decorative iron grill insert consisting of decorative iron balusters complete and accentuate that authentic, old-world architectural style you still find throughout the Tuscan countryside with its lush and still operating vineyards.

The double-car custom garage was beautifully done in the same alder wood the carriage doors were built out of but function like a regular roll-up sectional garage door. The double car custom garage door design was beautifully broken up by using dummy iron hardware that simulate out-swing carriage doors. Beautiful rustic ring pulls were used on this garage door to give it an independent and unique appearance that complemented the carriage doors with a subtle difference which gives each door an independent and unique Tuscan architectural look that enhance the gorgeous stone work around the garage.

Using wooden carriage doors and custom garage doors on an old world constructed building that is mainly stone can be beautifully warmed up with rich, rustic wooden doors. Consult with Dynamic Garage Door's in-house designers and let us design and craft uniquely designed garage doors and real carriage doors built specifically for your home and personal taste!

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