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Real Automatic Swinging Carriage Doors

Tuscan Style Carriage Doors & Wood Garage Doors in Sonoma, CA!

Sonoma, CA - The true appreciation of real out-swing carriage doors is when they are operated. Here is our Tuscan carriage door in mid-action automatically operated with remote controlled electric motors for easy vehicle access to the garage. No garage door is as unique and timeless as a real swinging carriage door like this one. Richly finished in a flat oil-rubbed finish to protect the wood from the elements, this custom carriage door with its Rustic appearance is creatively embellished with real hand-forged iron pulls and iron grill with decorative knuckle balusters that stand out with the antique seedy glass used for the window openings. Unique architectural carriage door designs are hard to find but Dynamic Garage Door has in-house designers who are well-rounded in European historical architecture that can reproduce the look and feel of the old Tuscan world with blending it with the convenience of modern advances like electric motors that open these gorgeous carriage doors quite effortlessly!

Real carriage doors are the perfect way to accentuate your home's authentic Tuscan curb appeal or final touch to a man cave or home/office garage converted studio. Our carriage garage door conversions are rich in authentic architectural design, functionality and durability.

Get a quote on our custom-made carriage doors today by calling our Orange County Design Center (855) 343-3667