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Old-World European Carriage Doors

Tuscan Style Carriage Doors & Wood Garage Doors in Sonoma, CA!

California is home to Sonoma's rolling hill vineyards and world-class wineries highly recognized throughout the world. As a wine-producing county, many of the winery homes built have a strong Tuscan architectural influence like this custom garage construction with its authentic stone construction which resembles that old world feel and appearance still found in historical vineyards throughout Italy. 

Our custom designed and handcrafted wood garage doors were the perfect addition to finish off and complement this Tuscan style garage. The double car garage is customized with hand-forged decorative hardware that simulate real iron hinge straps and gorgeous ring pulls much like those you would find throughout the old world homes found throughout Europe. The custom garage door actually rolls up in sections at the push of a button giving the residents modern convenience with the authentic design elements of a centuries old world. The single car garage next to it actually equipped with fully functional out-swing carriage doors that are ingeniously motorized and operated by the push of a button. Both custom garage doors are uniquely different in functionality and design which is an authentic architectural trait found in historic homes found in the Italian countryside. 

Consult with one our in-house garage door designers and let us create one-of-a-kind unique garage door design that will resonate that rustic beauty old world architecture we've learned to love.

Custom garage door consultations at:  (855) 343-DOOR